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  • benefits of your hot tub spa before a massage

    Should I Use My Hot Tub Spa Before a Massage?

    If you’re someone who suffers from back pain, joint pain, or find yourself with knots in your muscles, whether it…

    by niagarahottubs
  • hot tub maintenance checking your hot tub regularly in winter

    Winter Hot Tub Maintenance: Checking Your Spa Regularly

    As part of your regular winter hot tub maintenance, going out and physically opening the cover of your hot tub…

    by niagarahottubs
  • Bullfrog Spas

    Spa of the Month Feature: Bullfrog R7L

    The Bullfrog Spas R Series high-quality hot tubs offer a luxurious experience at an affordable price. Within the R Series…

    by niagarahottubs
  • hot hot tub

    Buying a hot tub: it’s an investment

    We can’t stress enough the real value of getting a hot tub. It’s more than just an entertaining piece for…

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  • hot tub jets

    How many hot tub jets do you need?

    When people start shopping for hot tubs, most times they set out thinking the more jets the hot tub has,…

    by niagarahottubs
  • troubleshooting hot tub jets

    Troubleshooting your hot tub: hot tub jets not working

    Issues with hot tub jets not working properly is usually a fairly easy problem to solve. Follow the following steps…

    by niagarahottubs