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  • understanding hot tub chemicals

    Understanding Hot Tub Chemicals

    We’ve blogged before about the importance of keeping your water balanced, and testing your water regularly. But what exactly are…

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  • Buy a New Hot Tub

    When Is The Best Time of Year To Buy A Hot Tub?

    Many people who want to buy a hot tub seek out the best deals that they can find. This includes…

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  • twilight series high quality hot tub

    Choosing A High Quality Hot Tub That Lasts

    When you’re investing in a hot tub, you want something that will last. It is a large expense, and it…

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  • hot tub cover

    Hot Tub Cover Buying Guide

    If you’re in search of a new hot tub cover, you may not have realized all of the different options…

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  • hot tub maintenance tips to reduce the risk of overheating

    Reducing the Risk of Your Hot Tub Overheating

    Do you know it is possible to overheat your hot tub? Many outdoor spa owners aren’t aware that there is…

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  • lifestyle hot tub accessories

    Lifestyle Hot Tub Accessories for Your Backyard Spa

    Having a hot tub in Niagara available for all seasons brings a great opportunity to create a lavish outdoor oasis…

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  • Understanding Hot Tub Pricing

    Understanding Hot Tub Pricing

    Hot tub pricing of a high-quality spa may seem intimidating, and some people choose to look for used hot tubs…

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  • bullfrog spas STIL series

    The Bullfrog Spas STIL Series Hot Tubs

    Hot tubs are great for relieving your body’s built-up stress. It’s no surprise that hot tub manufacturers are designing spas…

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  • choosing the lowest cost hot tub

    Choosing The Overall Lowest Cost Hot Tub

    A question we get often is how to keep the cost of running a hot tub low. Running your hot…

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  • hot tub water care

    Using Your Hot Tub During Summer

    Summer is here in full swing! It’s the perfect time to hop in your backyard hot tub, relax, and enjoy…

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