Have you tried yoga in your hot tub?

Have you tried yoga in your hot tub?

Fitness goals aren’t solely reserved for larger swim spas. Did you know there are a variety of yoga exercises that can be enhanced when performed in your hot tub? Discover even more benefits of your hot tub with these simple yoga poses. 

If you’re a yoga novice, you may find it difficult to balance or stretch, that’s where the hot tub comes in. The buoyancy of the water aids balance to help maintain your form. Heat from the water also warms up the muscles, suppresses pain and comforts joints.

Here’s a list of simple to master exercises to increase your relaxation and help you to ground yourself after a long day. 

Back Exercises

In the standing position, extend your arms out and keep your back straight. Slowly twist your torso to one side, pointing your arm further and further behind you until stretched, but also comfortable. Keep your feet planted firmly. Return, facing forwards and repeat the exercise on the other side.

Hamstring Exercise

While in the sitting position, extend your leg outwards. With an arm from the same side of the extended leg, try to reach your toes to the extent of your comfort. Hold for about 10 seconds, focusing on your breathing. Lower your leg and repeat with the other side of your body.Glute Exercise

In the sitting position, bring your knees up to your chest and fold each hand under each knee. Slowly let your legs float to the surface of the water and extend further if possible. You should feel tension in your glutes and your knees should be held firmly against your chest. Hold this position for 10 seconds and bring your legs back down.

Shoulder Exercise

Place your left hand on your right shoulder and place your right hand on your left elbow. Hold your left elbow against your body gently with your right hand and raise your left arm upwards in a scooping motion. Hold this position for about 5 to 10 seconds and repeat with the other side. Another exercise is to reach one of your hands above your head and behind your back, as though you’re trying to feel down the length of your neck and spine. Using your other free hand, hold the elbow of the stretching hand and lean slowly towards the free hand. Hold this position for 5 seconds and repeat with the other side.

Chest Exercise

In the standing position, extend both arms out and behind you slightly as though you’re about to wrap someone in a big hug. Raise both arms up at the same time behind you slowly. Imagine there’s a wall behind you and the back of both hands are touching the wall as they rise. Raise both arms as high as they can go, or until both hands touch.

 These hot tub yoga exercises are a great way to warm up each joint and muscle. Your body should feel limber, loose, and relaxed by the end of a session. Hot tub yoga is for everyone and can be used regularly as a pre-workout stretch. Talk to us today about investing in your new hot tub. From now until December 2020, we’re offering a 4 month deferral on payments when you choose to finance your purchase. View our range of Bullfrog Spas on our website or drop into our showroom.


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