Surviving the Pan Am Games

Surviving the Pan Am Games
Niagara Hot Tubs

The news today is all about the upcoming opening ceremonies for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games on July 10th (which continues to July 29th). Streets will be closed. Buses will be crowded. There will be millions of people attending events across Toronto, in Hamilton and here in Niagara in Welland and St. Catharines.

It will be quite the thrill to experience first-hand, the intense excitement and camaraderie. So if you go – enjoy and take lots of selfies! But if you are one who is not so adventurous, just stay home and watch the events on TV. Save money on gas, bus fare and venue food.

Cheer for the athletes! Cheer for the countries! Watch the medal counts…. all from the comfort of your home. In your living room or better yet.. in your hot tub.

Sounds like a perfect survival plan doesn’t it?



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