Filter Maintenance

Filter Maintenance
Niagara Hot Tubs

Filters play a very important role in keeping your hot tub operating efficiency for many years, not to mention keeping your hot tub water clean.

If you maintain your standard pleated filters properly, they should last 3 to 5 years, especially if you rotate in a second set of filters as back-up.

On a monthly basis, remove any toys or accessories, and scoop out debris or leaves that may be in the water: turn the power off to the hot tub and then slowly remove your filters. Keep the lid of your hot tub closed to prevent debris from getting into the tub and pipes while you clean the filters.

Spray the filters off with a hose using medium water pressure and soak them in a bucket with Filter Free filter cleaning solution for 12 hours or overnight*.  Then spray them off and slowly reinsert the filters back in the hot tub while the power is still off. Alternately,  you can rotate in a second set of filters while cleaning the first.  Once cleaned, let the filters dry in a non-dusty environment until needed again.

*For Master Spas EcoPur mineral filters, simply spray off with medium water pressure every month – do not soak in filter cleaners. Replace your EcoPur mineral filters every 6 months.


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