Create A Magical Hot Tub Experience, This Holiday Season

Create A Magical Hot Tub Experience, This Holiday Season

Who says winter hot tubbing can’t be an event!? Not us! Make the most of your at-home spa experience all year round, by creating intimate, unique moments that celebrate the season and take your outdoor adventures to new (relaxing) heights! Looking for a way to get festive this season? We’ve got the perfect recipe to create an unforgettable oasis that will put you in the spirit, while ensuring you maximize the use of your hot tub throughout the holidays and beyond.



It’s no secret that with the winter season comes snow and dropping temperatures. Don’t let this deter you from accessing your outdoor hot tub or spa! In the event your space is not covered by an overhang or roof, shovel a clear path from the door to the point of entry into your tub. This includes the removal of any snow and ice which may have settled on top of the cover. Clearing the walkway and surrounding area is not just about safety (although that’s very important) but about creating an ease of experience that feels welcoming and does not place unnecessary barriers between you and your oasis. Don’t let the weather stop you from experiencing a relaxing winter season.



One of the most indulgent aspects of the holiday season are the sights, smells and sounds that fill our hearts and souls with Christmas joy. That’s right, we’re talking about those creature comforts that help to transport your senses to a winter escape! When we think of Christmas, we think of a roaring fire, crooners on the radio, lights sparkling against the snow, and even a hot toddy or hot chocolate in our hands. Can’t you just feel it?

Transform the space around your hot tub or spa into a winter wonderland which makes sense for YOU. String up Christmas lights overhead to create a warm, magical ambience. By incorporating an extra light source, you’re also ensuring that your entertainment space is well-lit – an important safety factor for the darker months. Consider additional sources of heat which can be integrated into your space by way of a fire pit or heat lamp. These functional pieces are great for entertaining on the side, especially with a nearby sitting area or outdoor living space that is regularly used outside of the tub.

Of course no magical oasis is complete without the right music! Choose your favourite playlist or station, and bring your music source outside to help set the mood and add another layer of entertainment to time in your tub. Drinks and snacks can also be a great idea, even better if they pair well with the holiday season! Enjoy a hot beverage in the comfort of your spa to complete a 360 degree experience which helps keep you warm from the inside out. In need of some accessories? Consider adding thermal blankets and throws for yourself and guests to enjoy, while entering and exiting the hot tub.



It’s easy to get caught up in the magic and excitement of the holidays, but don’t neglect the regular care and maintenance that’s specific to the season! Remember to do your routine water change early, to ensure your pipes remain clean and clear throughout the months to come.

Make sure to check your hot tub cover to ensure it is fully sealed, and keeps the heat inside of your hot tub or swim spa. A properly insulated cover helps to prevent over evaporation and condensation build up, which contributes to rising energy costs and the deterioration of your equipment over time.

It’s very important to closely monitor your water levels during the winter months, to ensure that the water line isn’t dropping too low – a factor commonly associated with the increased evaporation that we mentioned above. To prevent freezing of your inner lining and pipes, set a weekly reminder to add fresh water if needed, and check the water balance for safety. 

Practice extra caution around your tub this winter, especially when setting up your magical outdoor oasis. While snow removal and de-icing is paramount to your enjoyment, it’s equally important to be extra careful when performing these activities. Cautious removal of your cover with the support of an extra set of hands, will help to prevent injury, slips and falls. Remember to salt any walkways near your tub, and thoughtfully prepare your exit strategy before you enter. The path to and from your spa space should be clear of any hazards or obstructions, and fully equipped with warm clothing and accessories (robe, slippers, blankets) to maintain a healthy body temperature amidst the changing weather. 


Step into the holiday season with a plan for winterized magic, using these relaxing tips and tricks! To make the most of your outdoor spa experience at the holidays, prepare your space ahead of time for both fun and function, keeping safety protocols in mind at every turn. Make sure to browse our selection of accessories and features to take your oasis to the next level, for the holidays and beyond. Now get to work, those Christmas lights are calling!


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