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  • where to install your new hot tub

    Choosing Where To Install Your New Hot Tub

    Are you thinking about purchasing a new hot tub, but you’re just not sure about the installation? This is common…

    by niagarahottubs
  • benefits of your hot tub spa before a massage

    Should I Use My Hot Tub Spa Before a Massage?

    If you’re someone who suffers from back pain, joint pain, or find yourself with knots in your muscles, whether it…

    by niagarahottubs
  • hot tub maintenance checking your hot tub regularly in winter

    Winter Hot Tub Maintenance: Checking Your Spa Regularly

    As part of your regular winter hot tub maintenance, going out and physically opening the cover of your hot tub…

    by niagarahottubs
  • How Hygienic is your Spa?

    How Hygienic is your Spa?

    Spas are meant to be relaxing and fun. They are a place to ease muscle tension and maximize relaxation. However,…

    by niagarahottubs