How Hygienic is your Spa?

How Hygienic is your Spa?
How Hygienic is your Spa?

Spas are meant to be relaxing and fun. They are a place to ease muscle tension and maximize relaxation. However, there is nothing fun or relaxing about an unclean spa. Many individuals claim that spas are a bacteria frenzy zone. But is this really true? If your hot tub is not being taken care of, there is a possibility that your spa may become a place for bacteria to grow. Here is a list of procedures to follow that will ensure a clean and bacteria-free spa.

Keeping Up With Spa Maintenance

Germs thrive in a warm and wet environment, making spas the perfect spot for bacteria to grow. When hot tub owners do not take care of their spa it can allow bacteria to thrive. This can all be prevented by regular hot tub maintenance. When you own a spa, it is like owning a pool. If you do not care for it, there is a good chance it will start to grow algae or become cloudy. By ensuring that you care for your spa based on the outlined procedures, your spa will remain clean.

Shower Prior to Getting In

When you shower prior to soaking in your spa it will help to maintain the cleanliness of your spa. By showering beforehand, it will take off any cosmetics, lotions or debris on the body. Reducing the amount of residue on the body will eliminate the number of bacteria that may transfer into the spa’s water. Plus it will be very helpful to make sure hair is worn up to prevent shampoo and hair products from contaminating the water in your backyard hot tub.

Monitoring Water Chemistry

This step is similar to owning a pool. When you own a backyard hot tub it is extremely important to ensure the chemistry of the water is ideal. This will help to reduce bacteria and skin irritation. As mentioned before, bacteria thrives in a warm and wet environment. Refer to your spas manual for proper maintenance instructions.   

Following these very simple yet important steps will ensure that your spas water is hygienic. It is important to follow all care instructions outlined in the owner’s manual. If you are in need of any spa maintenance products or chemicals, visit Niagara Hot Tubs. We have a great selection of products to ensure your spas water is hygienic and clean allowing you to relax and enjoy your spa.


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