Choosing Where To Install Your New Hot Tub

Choosing Where To Install Your New Hot Tub
where to install your new hot tub

Are you thinking about purchasing a new hot tub, but you’re just not sure about the installation? This is common among first-time hot tub owners, however, it shouldn’t be something that prevents you from creating the backyard oasis of your dreams. We put together a quick guide for you to get yourself ready for the installation of your new hot tub.

Location, Location, Location

Are you thinking of installing your new hot tub inside or outside the home? There are options for both, though most people do opt to have their hot tub outside for a number of practical reasons. If you’re considering installing your hot tub indoors there are some things you need to take into consideration before delivery day.

Doors and Entryways

Most doorways to homes are about 30”-32” wide, which is smaller than most hot tubs which are 32”-39” wide. Measure your doorways, if you are committed to installing indoors you may need to consider opening up and then fixing a section of wall.

Preventing Any Water Damage

Your new hot tub is, just as it sounds, full of hot water – which means steam is something you’ll have to deal with in a confined room. Be sure to take steps to prevent mould, drywall damage, or flooring damage from the humidity. You’ll also need to take steps to ensure that any splashing on the floor won’t cause lasting damage, so take care when choosing flooring. You will also need to put something down to prevent slipping when the floor is wet.

While it’s unlikely that your hot tub will leak, sometimes the worst does happen. Any room you put your new hot tub in will need to have a proper drainage system, otherwise, you may find yourself with a flood of up to 1200 litres of water.

Choosing Outdoor Installation For Your New Hot Tub

It can be a hassle to install indoors. This is why most hot tub owners choose to install their hot tubs outside in a backyard area. Location in the yard is important when selecting where to install the tub. Keeping it close to a door is ideal, especially if you’re planning on using your new backyard hot tub in the winter months. The closer to the warm house that the tub is, the more likely it is that you’ll use it frequently.

How you design your backyard oasis is up to you – hot tubs can be installed on (above) a deck, partially sunk into a deck, or sunk fully into the ground, or even placed on top of a concrete pad. As long as there is space for service access (in the event of any issues with your hot tub), there is no wrong place for it!

Keeping Service Area Accessible

Your hot tub is an investment, and you will have it to enjoy for many years. Like most things you invest in and use for years, your hot tub is not infallible and will likely need to be serviced eventually with continued use. This is completely normal for a hot tub and is not always an indication that it is broken.

This is why it’s important to be sure a hot tub technician can easily access the service areas of the hot tub when choosing where to install it. If they aren’t accessible, you will be forced to drain your hot tub and then move it in order for the technician to fix any problems. Moving a hot tub is no small feat, and usually requires professional movers, which is an added expense you can avoid paying by choosing your installation spot carefully.

Once you’ve chosen your installation spot for your new hot tub, it’s time to select the new hot tub. Visit Niagara Hot Tubs today and let our hot tub experts find the perfect backyard spa for you.


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