Understanding Hot Tub Pricing

Understanding Hot Tub Pricing
Understanding Hot Tub Pricing

Hot tub pricing of a high-quality spa may seem intimidating, and some people choose to look for used hot tubs or lower quality spas to save money during the initial purchase of the spa. What may seem like a smart financial decision at the moment may become a very expensive choice down the road. It is important to remember that your hot tub is an investment, and you should consider all of the long-term costs and overall value of a spa before purchasing one.

Long-Term Costs

When you purchase a hot tub, you should first consider the quality of the hot tub over what the price tag says. Though one tub may seem cheaper up-front, the tub may not last as long, and can result in high energy bills or maintenance fees. You’ll also need to consider the expected life cycle of the hot tub, and whether it is reliable and durable enough to be worth the money you will spend on it initially.

There are two things that you should take into consideration the long-term costs of your hot tub: the quality of the construction of the tub, and how energy efficient it will be. This will determine the lifetime operating costs of your backyard spa.

Energy Costs

Typically a hot tub with a very low price tag becomes more expensive in terms of energy consumption. A cheap hot tub is typically made with less durable, lower quality materials. These materials do not hold heat as well as higher quality hot tubs, and over time they result in rising energy bills.

Due to the lower quality of the construction of the spa, there are also often a number of issues that arise. Depending on how durable the inner workings of the backyard hot tub are, it is common to require a number of expensive repairs. This adds to the overall lifetime cost of the hot tub.

If you purchase a more expensive hot tub you will likely find yourself with lower energy bills and fewer repairs to make in the long term. It’s important to remember that your spa is an investment. To properly understand if it is a worthwhile investment, you will need to determine the total value of your backyard hot tub.

The Total Value of Your Spa

We’ve talked before about the importance of remembering that your spa is an investment and that purchasing a high-quality spa is a better overall value than a cheaper spa. However, you may be wondering exactly how you should determine what the overall value will be.

The first question you should ask is how many years you are expected to get out of your hot tub. With proper water care and upkeep, a spa that is priced in the $10,000 range will typically last at least 10 to 15 years. If you purchase a spa that is in the $3,000 range, that spa may only last you about 3 to 4 years. This may appear to be the same value at first ($1,000 per year owned), however, you will need to factor in additional costs, such as maintenance or high energy costs. Typically as spas near the end of their life cycle, they become costly and require more expensive repairs.

For more information on understanding the price and value of a hot tub, and ensure you are investing in a reliable, durable, high-quality spa, visit us at Niagara Hot Tubs.


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