Lifestyle Hot Tub Accessories for Your Backyard Spa

Lifestyle Hot Tub Accessories for Your Backyard Spa
lifestyle hot tub accessories

Having a hot tub in Niagara available for all seasons brings a great opportunity to create a lavish outdoor oasis whether the sun is shining, or the snow is falling. With the right hot tub accessories, you can create a backyard escape that caters to your own needs. If you’re wondering what fun hot tub accessories are available, we have a few of our favourites already picked out as a starting point for you.


No one ever wants to be the one to have to get out of the hot tub, especially when it’s to go grab the drinks. Not only do you feel the frigid chill once you leave the warmth of the jets, but you can also put yourself in an unsafe situation to slip, or drop your drinks around or in the hot tub.

To avoid ever having to leave the spa, invest in a SmartBar, with a convenient SmartDrawer that not only gives you the feeling of a swim-up bar, but also enough storage that you never have to restock it until you’re finished with it for the day. Whether you use it as a place to safely keep your drinks or to place your phone, you’ll never be out of touch from the most important things.


The great thing about an outdoor hot tub or even a portable hot tub is that you can choose where you want to enjoy it. But sometimes, the surface around it can be uneven, and hard on your feet. The best and safest way to enjoy your hot tub is to have a level surface around your hot tub, especially around the steps or entry to your spa. The innovative and workable SmartDeck is made up of lockable panels to allow you to build the deck you want, small or large. With lockable panels it also means there’s no permanent commitment, you have the freedom to change your backyard spa experience if you want to, making your investment last longer.


This is a great solution if you want a smaller or budget-friendly version of the SmartBar. A SpaCaddy is a versatile outdoor spa solution. You can enjoy your outdoor spa with drinks, snacks, towels, or protect your phones, the same as the SmartBar. The difference, it’s portable, making it easy to mount and unmount for a quick clean or restock. Enjoy your SpaCaddy effortlessly by swinging it in or out of your spa for quick access to your favourite things. Visit Niagara Hot Tubs to pick one up and complete your backyard oasis.


If you’re the lucky owner of an outdoor hot tub, we bet you have a lot of great memories in your backyard during the summer in Niagara. But, sometimes we’re so caught up in the fun and forget to protect ourselves from the sun. The water and products in the spa create a relaxing and enjoyable experience but they can’t protect us against the elements. Investing in a SpaUmbrella made up of Sunbrella material, creates a stylish and durable cover for you and your guests. With a sleek European design and adjustable arm to meet your preferences, the SpaUmbrella will have your backyard looking like a luxury resort.

These hot tub accessories are your staple pieces in converting your hot tub into the ultimate spa experience. If you’re looking to show your hot tub some love, Niagara Hot Tubs provides you with all the accessories you need to make your hot tub a relaxing experience. Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to learn more about these products, or other ways to recreate your outdoor spa.


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