Winter Hot Tub Maintenance: Checking Your Spa Regularly

Winter Hot Tub Maintenance: Checking Your Spa Regularly
hot tub maintenance checking your hot tub regularly in winter

As part of your regular winter hot tub maintenance, going out and physically opening the cover of your hot tub is the only way to determine if there are any issues with the hot tub performance.  During the winter, especially now here in Niagara where we are seeing frigid temperatures daily, you should be checking up on your hot tub every 2-3 days minimum as a precaution.

What to check for

Do you know exactly what to look for when you’re going to check on your tub? The most important things are the water level and filters. You are probably not going to uncover your hot tub and see a solid block of ice that makes for a neat extremely little skating rink, but the water in the pipes freeze a lot quicker. Looking for optimal levels of water in your tub while checking the temperature and turning on the pumps to ensure all is operating optimally can save you money and prevent a costly repair.

Another important tip is to make sure your filters are clean, we know it’s freezing cold outside and it can be tempting to forget the check them when all you want to do is enjoy your tub but you will be able to relax even better knowing your spa is in its best condition throughout the harshest months of the year.

Caring for your tub in the winter

Again, its small steps to saving a lot of time, energy and more importantly your money when it comes to caring for your tub. The winter can be the most inconvenient time, but it is the time when your spa needs the most attention and care. Taking those extra steps like using a broom to remove snow and ice instead of a shovel will prevent rips or tears in the cover and go a long way in preserving your hot tub and the accessories, for months and even years. Check out our article on how to protect your spa during a storm, giving you even more preventative tools so you only have to visit us at Niagara Hot Tubs for the fun stuff like hot tub supplies.

If you see a problem, then what?

If you’re experiencing problems during the colder months with your backyard hot tub like poor jet performance, you’re getting low flow error codes, or it is just taking too long to heat up, contact Niagara Hot Tubs for emergency technical support.

Even though you have checked on your hot tub, winter can be unpredictable and can start to enhance some of these problems. If you have taken the proper troubleshooting steps for your hot tub and there are still issues, or you simply have more questions on proper care during the winter talk to one of our hydrotherapy spa specialist that can guide you to your next steps!


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