Reducing the Risk of Your Hot Tub Overheating

Reducing the Risk of Your Hot Tub Overheating
hot tub maintenance tips to reduce the risk of overheating

Do you know it is possible to overheat your hot tub? Many outdoor spa owners aren’t aware that there is a perfect hot tub temperature, and it is possible to damage your hot tub by setting it above the correct temperature.

However, while overheating your tub sounds scary, it is a more common issue than you think, especially during these hot and humid summer days we’re experiencing in Niagara. Here are some common hot tub maintenance mistakes that spa owners make and some quick fixes to reduce the risk of overheating your hot tub.

Setting the Temperature Too High

One of the most common mistakes people make is simply setting the temperature too high. Try to make your hot tub temperature in the summer around 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Be mindful that because of the summer weather and increased sun exposure on your cover, your outdoor spa may still go up a few degrees higher than what you set it at. So be sure to make monitoring the temperature part of your hot tub maintenance routine, and take it down a notch if necessary to make your time in your backyard a refreshing one.

Your Filter Cycle Duration is Set Too High

Another setting you may be tempted to set too high is your filter cycle duration. The typical filter process is twice a day, once every 12 hours for good measure. During this time your pump generates heat and transfers that heat to the water in your outdoor spa increasing the temperature significantly. You should set a filter cycle to sustain the life of your hot tub, so you shouldn’t turn off the cycle completely. Rather, reduce the number of hours per day the pump is running. Having the cycle run for a prolonged period of time is one of the causes of overheating. The best way to avoid it is to ensure that the filter cycle is set for 2 hours twice daily. Also, avoid running it at the highest peak time for hydro consumption.

Your Air Controls are Closed

In addition to adjusting your filtration setting when the temperature outside is the coolest, you can also try to turn your air controls to the “open” position. If you’re not confident about where they are located, take a look at your hot tub the next time you’re about to go in. You will notice that the small valves are located on the top edge of your hot tub. Turning these to open will allow the air to be pulled inside the cabinet and help circulate the air within the cabinet, cooling down the overall temperature of your tub. In the winter months, you would close the valves to eliminate cold air being pulled in.

Weather and Sun Exposure to Your Spa

Natural elements can also bring your backyard hot tub to uncomfortable and unsafe high temperatures. Certain weather, like extreme heat and sun exposure, can make it much more difficult for your spa to dispel heat. This is especially true when it’s located in an area in your backyard, or even your house, where there is high sun exposure.

One quick hot tub maintenance tip is to drain a small amount of the spa water, and then add clean, fresh water to reduce the temperature immediately. This is a temporary fix, as you have to exercise extreme caution in order to not let the water level drop past the filter housing. This can cause more than just an overheating problem, it can potentially run your pump dry. It is always best to turn the GFCI electrical box off before performing this task.

Another option is to cover your hot tub with a reflective cover. You may think the heat is trapped and creating a warmer environment, and it is. However, with a reflective cover, the sun and other weather conditions are not entering your spa, so you’re getting the perfect hot tub temperature.

Schedule a Service Appointment

If you have tried all of these hot tub maintenance fixes and are seeing no results or are still concerned with overheating, call your outdoor spa specialists to schedule a service appointment. Any member of the Niagara Hot Tubs team will be able to assist you so that you can get back to your at-home spa retreat, and enjoy summer weather the way you deserve to! Contact us today to discover what products or services you may need to get back to your hot tub sooner.


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