Troubleshooting your hot tub: hot tub jets not working

Troubleshooting your hot tub: hot tub jets not working
troubleshooting hot tub jets

Issues with hot tub jets not working properly is usually a fairly easy problem to solve. Follow the following steps for some simple hot tub troubleshooting to get your hot tub back in working order as soon as possible.


No pressure?

If the problem with your hot tub jets is that there is very low water pressure, there’s a chance that air has gotten into the system. This is especially common if you’ve recently drained the hot tub. When you drain your hot tub, air can sometimes get trapped within the pump which can prevent it from gaining traction on the water and makes it hard to go through the hot tub system, resulting in low water pressure in the hot tub jets.

To combat this, locate the discharge pipe which is located on your hot tub. Once you’ve located it, loosen the coupling on the pipe (don’t remove it!) to slowly bleed the air out of the pipe. There should be a hissing sound. Once the hissing stops and the air is removed, you’ll see water coming from the system. Tighten the coupling back up and you should be good to go!


Bad water flow?

If water is coming out of the pumps in short bursts instead of a consistent stream, there are a few ways to find the cause and solution.

First, check the water level of the hot tub. Ensure it’s filled to what the manufacturer recommends; too low of a water level can result in air making its way into the system and interrupting the water flow of the hot tub jets.

If the water level is fine, check your filter. If the filter needs to be changed due to build up, the water won’t flow properly through the system until it is changed. Clean or replace the filter, and check the flow again.

If it’s still not working properly, check that your air controls or diverter valves are working correctly. If there are none, the final troubleshooting step is to take a closer look at the pump wet end and look for any obstructions. You’ll likely need to take it apart. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, it is always best to call a service company to help you out!


Closed hot tub jets?

Most jets can be turned and adjusted to change the pressure from the jet. If you twist them too far, the jet will actually turn off. Check all of them in the hot tub and ensure that they are opened, and while you’re at it, look for blocked nozzles (nozzles can become blocked from debris or build-up from dirt or residue if not cleaned properly). Then try running the system again to see if it works

Let us help you!

If you go through all of these steps and you’re still having issues with your jets, call Niagara Hot Tubs and ask for further guidance or help.


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