How many hot tub jets do you need?

How many hot tub jets do you need?
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When people start shopping for hot tubs, most times they set out thinking the more jets the hot tub has, the better the hot tub is. It’s a thought process that might make sense – the more jets, the more bubbles, the more relaxing, right?

The truth is that isn’t always the case. The amount of jets you need in your hot tub is very much reliant on what you need from your hot tub.

What therapeutic benefits do you need?

Having too many jets pushing on areas of your body that don’t need the massaging benefits of the waterflow can make more problems for you if the force of the water is too much. This won’t create a relaxing hot tub experience, and likely you won’t use it as much as you’d like to.

The first step to finding the amount of jets you need is understanding why you need the jets. If you are looking for jets for your back, you may need a larger number of jets than if you only need just to massage your neck, you may need a smaller number of jets.

Different kinds of massages

Depending on the jets you get, you can get a different kind of massage feel from them. Certain jets will give you hydro-therapeutic benefits that other jets can’t, and it’s all about the reasons you need these benefits. You wouldn’t go to a massage therapist and expect a one size fits all treatment.

If you’re looking for a deep muscle massage with broad coverage, similar to the feeling of a masseuse’s hands kneading your muscles, that can be achieved through the placement and type of jets that you get within your hot tub. Getting a hot tub with jets placed evenly apart that will release a steady stream will give you this deep massage feeling.

You can also get the same kind of treatment you’d get from going to a Shiatsu-style massage, which will focus on pressure point massaging, right in your hot tub. This can be achieved by getting a hot tub with jets that release targeted streams of water at vital pressure points, which can work to release strain and discomfort in the muscles.

Don’t just settle for one

You might have just one main problem area, but that doesn’t mean you should only get a hot tub that can target that one area, so don’t cut down on jets thinking you only need to target one area. Targeting the neck and shoulder area to relieve tension headaches is great, but don’t forget about the benefits of an all over massage.

If you’re looking to release tension or headaches, not only will jets aimed at the back of the neck and shoulders help, but there are benefits to be gotten from foot massaging jets as well. Keep in mind what you want hydrotherapy benefits you need, and where the jets should be placed to give you the most for your entire body.

Consider adjust-ability

If you have multiple therapeutic needs for your hot tub, consider adjustable jets which you can use in multiple different ways. Multiple stationary jets don’t necessarily mean a better massage because you can’t angle your jets to directly hit tense muscles where you need them.

A hot tub or spa with adjustable jets gives you more control over the massage you get out of your hot tub and how relaxing your experience will be. It also gives you more control if your hot tub is being used by multiple people in the home who have different needs.

Find the right match

Find a hot tub and swim spa dealer near you who will be able to give you advice on the amount and configuration of jets that will work best for what you need out of your hot tub. Connect with the team here at Niagara Hot Tubs who have the experience and expertise to advise you right and help you find the hot tub for you.


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