How hot is too hot for your backyard spa?

How hot is too hot for your backyard spa?
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Deciding how hot to set your backyard hot tub depends a lot on comfort level. Some people like a very hot hot tub, some people like a more moderate temperature in their hot tub. How do you as a hot tub owner figure out what your hot tub hot water temperature can be comfortable, but also is not unsafe for you or your family?

There are certain things you can consider to keep your hot tub hot, but not too hot. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering what temperature to set your hot tub at.

Hot tub hot water standards

The standard settings for hot tubs set the temperature limit at 104 degrees F. Some older hot tub models to allow you to raise the temperature above that, but most new hot tubs won’t allow users to increase the temperature beyond that point.

According to experts, 104 degrees F is the hottest your hot tub and spa should be to remain safe. Increasing the temperature beyond that has the potential to result in heat-related issues, such as nausea or dizziness. It’s important for your backyard hot tub to remain a place of relaxation, and avoid potential health risks.

Finding the perfect temperature

So long as your hot tub hot water does not exceed the standard maximum temperature, finding the right temperature is up to you. On average, most hot tub owners prefer the water temperature to be within a range of 100-102 degrees F. However, it’s all subjective.

We recommend upon getting your brand new hot tub installed, you start your water temperature at 98 degrees F. This more moderate temperature will allow you room to be flexible, and you can increase (or decrease!) the temperature of the water as you wish.

Ensure everyone is safe

The standard and average temperatures are all based on adult hot tub users, it’s important to note. If the people enjoying the hot tub most frequently are children, it may be necessary to decrease the temperature. Children don’t have the same tolerance for heat that adults do and it’s recommended that young children don’t use hot tubs over 95 degrees F.

The heat can also affect people who have any medical conditions in different ways. For pregnant women, or anyone with diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure, or any other illnesses, the temperature of the water may need to be changed.  Using your backyard hot tub for hydrotherapy can be very beneficial, but do so safely. Consult with a doctor on how the temperature can affect you. Always opt for lower, and adjust higher if you need.

Get help from an expert

For more information on hot tub temperature, come see us at Niagara Hot Tubs. We have the expertise and the experience dealing with the best hot tubs for sale to know the ins and outs of the standards and best practices when using your hot tub.

When you purchase one of the best hot tubs on the market, we want you to enjoy it and use it. This means having safe, comfortable water temperatures, and we can help you with understanding your hot tub’s settings to get to your desired temperatures.


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