Why you should have hot tub steps and handrails

Why you should have hot tub steps and handrails

There’s plenty of accessories available that can enhance your hot tub experience. Most times people look to accessories that are more focused on atmosphere such as lights, sound systems, etc. and forget about the importance of safety. Hot tub steps and handrails are great safety features for any hot tub or swim spa, and this is a perfect time of year to find them at a price that suits you.


A safe exit with hot tub steps

Hot tub steps are great for helping prevent falls when exiting your hot tub and swim spa. Hot tub steps are one of many hot tub accessories with a variety of designs and styles and can be made out of many materials. They’re great to have to improve practicality and allow people of all ages to get in and out of the hot tub effortlessly.

Many hot tub steps have snap-together, no-tools-required assembly. Spa step styles differ mostly due to height and weight capacity, with added features including internal storage, non-skid surfaces, and built-in or available hand rails.


Are hand railings a good idea?

A great idea, especially during the winter months when there’s a lot of water pooling and freezing around the hot tub. After a long soak, your feet are wet and legs are wobbly, also making it difficult to exit the hot tub. A sturdy handrail (or two) is perfect for preventing falls.


Other safety tips for your hot tub experience

  • Stay on top of sanitizer and water balance by using testing strips for adequate sanitizer, total alkalinity, total hardness and pH levels.
  • Store hot tub spa chemicals in a cool, dry, well-ventilated location away from direct sunlight – preferably indoors.
  • Alcoholic beverages are best had after using the spa, as the hot water can contribute to overheating and drowsiness.


Hot tub steps and hand rails are great touches to home spas and hot tubs. If you’re looking to have the best hot tub in the neighbourhood, look no further, come on into Niagara Hot Tubs today! We are your hot tub and swim spa solution and have the hot tub accessories you need for your backyard oasis.


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