Protect your Spa During a Storm

Protect your Spa During a Storm
Protect your Spa During a Storm

Winter is definitely upon us. Over the next few weeks, we are more than likely expected to encounter at least one, if not multiple snow storms. Here are a few tips on how to protect your spa during a storm.


The snow may look extremely pretty after a snowstorm, but it can potentially cause a lot of damage to your hot tub. When the snow is wet, or heavy, it can build up on your spa’s cover, and potentially cause a large amount of damage. A few inches of dense snow can weigh up to 50 lbs. Having a heavy object on your spa cover can be very damaging. In order to reduce the buildup of snow on your spa’s cover, go out and brush it off every now and again. Remember not to use any sharp objects on a vinyl cover especially a shovel. This may cause a puncture in the cover, ultimately defeating the purpose of the covers main job.


When a large snow storm approaches, it tends to bring plummeting temperatures and possibly even a day or two of power outages. If you are aware of a potential storm, it is important to prepare your home accordingly. A frozen hot tub can result in really expensive damage or even a broken unit beyond salvaging. Save yourself a headache and prepare your backyard hot tub. If you use your backyard hot tub all year, remember to keep your water level at the recommended level and that both your pump and jets are in working order. This will ensure that the water stays at a constant temperature and preventing it from freezing.


Many severe snow storms are accompanied by wind. In the anticipation of a windstorm, ensure your hot tub cover is secured. If the meteorologist is predicting severe wind gusts, perhaps you even consider investing in hurricane straps. In the likelihood that your hot tub cover blows off during a windstorm, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Remember not to over tighten the straps, as it may damage the foam in your cover.

With the weather constantly changing, it’s hard to predict what to expect during a storm. Always remember not to place heavy objects on your cover in an attempt to keep it from blowing open. It is best to keep the straps locked to eliminate that from occurring.  Remember to check the weather and prepare if a storm is expected to pass overhead. Being prepared is always the best plan because it will help to reduce the amount of damage that is possible. If you’re unsure how to prepare your hot tub for a storm, visit us at Niagara Hot Tubs. We’ll be more than glad to explain preventative ways to ensure your spa is safe during a storm.


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