Fulfilling your New Year’s resolution: Hot tub and swim spa exercise 101

Fulfilling your New Year’s resolution: Hot tub and swim spa exercise 101
hot tub and swim spa exercise

2016 has come and gone and with a new year comes new goals. One of the most popular resolutions every year is to lose the extra pounds and be healthier, but how can you actually do this without a plan? Ever consider using your hot tub and swim spa to get fit?

Often people think this is only achievable through cutting calories and exercising in a confined space for a few hours a day. We previously posted a blog on how you can use your swim spa to get fit, so in honour of that post and the New Year’s resolutions, we’re going to take a look at some of the best ways to get fit using a swim spa or a hot tub.


Utilizing your hot tub and swim spa for exercise

There are plenty of ways you can enjoy your hot tub and swim spa and maximize your fitness gains, and some of these can also be done in the hot tub. For example:


  • Using jets and currents to perform swimming
  • Do strength exercises with resistance bands
  • Add weights like ankle weights for well-shaped thighs and calves or strap ankles with buoyancy cuffs to increase resistance without weight for better performance
  • Walking and running exercises with the help of foam buoyancy belts. They’re great for promoting toning up of abdominal muscles, lower back support, and correct posture
  • Other equipment like kickboards, dumbbells, and dragging balls are all great to experiment with


Exercise suggestions that anyone can do in water!

Arm circles – Your arms should be partially submerged and extended fully out like airplane wings. Slowly lift them out of the water and rotate forward. Try 5 forward rotations and then 5 in reverse, a few sets of these are great for toning.

Bicycle kicks – Sitting on the edge of one of the hot tub’s seats, support yourself by holding onto a rail or edge of the spa tub. Lift your legs and pedal as if you’re riding a bicycle for 30 seconds on then rest for 30 seconds and repeat.

Torso rotations – Kneel on the floor of your hot tub or step of your swim spa and straighten out your back. Place your hands on your hips, tighten your abdominal muscles, and rotate from side to side.

Shoulder rolls – One of the easiest exercises to do in your hot tub, it’s one of the better ways to start any routine. Sit in the spa and slowly roll your shoulders forward. Hold it for 3-5 seconds and then roll backward. Repeat for a few sets until you’re feeling the burn!


Swim spas and are great for exercising and relaxation. Relaxing and muscle recovery is an important part of the process when you’re trying to get fit this new year. If you’re looking to utilize a hot tub or swim spa for exercise and relaxation, connect with Niagara Hot Tubs today.

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