Draining your Hot Tub & Cleaning for Winter

Draining your Hot Tub & Cleaning for Winter
Draining your Hot Tub & Cleaning for Winter

We’ve recently had our first taste of what winter is going to bring! But we are expecting some milder weather this weekend. Perhaps before the cold weather sets in for the remainder of the winter, it’s a great idea to drain your hot tub and prepare for winter (if you haven’t done so already). It is important to change the water in your hot tub 2 – 3 times a year to ensure that you are always soaking in clean and clear water. Doing this process frequently will save you time, money, and effort on your hot tub maintenance in the long run!

Before Draining Your Hot Tub

Before draining your hot tub it is a good idea to use a whirlpool rinse to completely clean the interior plumbing. Cleaning the interior plumbing is important in order to avoid any hot tub problems. It can help prevent the buildup of calcium and scale, which will impact the performance of your hot tub. Luckily, this step is straightforward and simple to do. Firstly, remove the filters and then add 250ml (half the bottle) of Whirlpool Rinse. Follow the bottle for full instructions. To circulate the rinse effectively, turn the jets on for up to two hours (turning them back on every 20 minutes). During this time period, be sure to turn the hot tubs diverter valves to the middle, and turn off all air controls (anti-clockwise). Once the two hours is up, it is now time to drain your hot tub.

Check your Filters

While draining your backyard hot tub, it is the perfect time to pay attention to your filters and give those a deep clean. Using a strong hose setting (but not a pressure washer), spray down the filter to remove any debris that may have collected. To make this job easier, soaking your filters in a cartridge cleaner monthly, which will help to break down any buildup. It is also a good idea to check your filter every few weeks, in order to ensure optimal performance.

Re-filling your spa

Now that your hot tub is squeaky clean, it is time to refill it! Place your hose into the filter well because this will run the water through your spas pipes, preventing air locks when restarting. Once your hot tub is refilled, turn it back on and begin heating it. Do not turn the power on until the water level is at the optimal level. When the water is hot (after at least 5 hours), you can use a test strip to ensure that the water is balanced correctly. Make sure that your jets are running and the cover is off when you add any chemicals to the water. Be sure not to use your spa immediately after adding chemicals.

Once you have completed all of these steps, and the sanitizer has been added, after 2 hours your hot tub is ready to be used! Happy hot-tubbing!


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