Should I take my portable hot tub with me when I move?

Should I take my portable hot tub with me when I move?
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So you’ve sold your home and are in the process of moving, but what do you do with your backyard hot tub? Relocating hot tubs and swim spas can be a difficult process for someone who is not trained properly due to a hot tub or spa’s large size, weight, and odd shape.

Though it is difficult, it can be done. Professionals, like Niagara Hot Tubs, using the appropriate equipment move hot tubs often. There are some options you can choose when moving your tub, which we have put together for you to help decide which is the best one.

Leaving it at the house

We know, you love your backyard hot tub, and you would hate to give it up. The joy of having hot tubs or swim spas is that it becomes an entertainment area for your home. It’s definitely not something you want to give up, but it may be your best option. Moving your hot tub is definitely going to be a cumbersome task, and it may be worth it in the end to leave the hot tub, which can increase the value of the home.

Once you move, it’s a matter of searching “hot tub dealers near me” on the internet to find a dealer to purchase a new portable hot tub for your new home. Though this may seem expensive, it’s also an investment in your new home, and will increase the value of that property. Depending on how large of a swim spa or hot tub you have, and the distance you will be moving, it may actually be cheaper to leave your portable hot tub spa and purchase a new one once you move.

Hire professionals

Ultimately you shouldn’t be moving your hot tub on your own. Even a portable hot tub isn’t as portable as one might think. Without water, they are still quite heavy, and awkward to move around. Hiring a professional who specializes in installing and removing hot tubs and swim spas will ensure that it is safely transported to your new home, and no one is hurt in the process of moving it.

Professionals will also ensure that your hot tub isn’t damaged in the process of moving it. They will have the equipment and expertise to move the tub effectively so that it makes it to your new home with no damage. Hot tub dealers, such as Niagara Hot Tubs, will charge a nominal fee based on size, location and difficulty to move your backyard hot tub.

Don’t do it yourself!

If you do decide to not hire professionals and not leave the hot tub at the home, it’s still important not to do this on your own. Get the help of at least three other people to move the tub and the appropriate equipment to do it safely, including dolley wheels. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to drain and remove your hot tub.

If you still have questions, contact your local hot tub dealer for more information on the process of draining and uninstalling your hot tub. The Niagara Hot Tubs team are hot tub experts who can answer these questions for you.


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