The Bullfrog Spas STIL Series Hot Tubs

The Bullfrog Spas STIL Series Hot Tubs
bullfrog spas STIL series

Hot tubs are great for relieving your body’s built-up stress. It’s no surprise that hot tub manufacturers are designing spas to improve usability and comfort. The STIL™ series from Bullfrog Spas are leaders in modern hot tub design. This series has been bio-engineered to specifically address your personalized hydrotherapy needs. The design is simple but detailed enough to meet the needs of your refined sensibilities.

The award-winning design was the 2015 winner of the iF Design Award for excellence in product design. This award recognizes products that excel in industrial design and thoughtful function. A jury of over 50 design and engineering experts decided on Bullfrog Spas STIL™ series as the winner of this award when it first hit the consumer market in 2015. You don’t have to compromise style for comfort. Every detail of the STIL™ series is modern, sleek and sophisticated. It’s the ideal balance of elegant design and relaxing usability.

The STIL™ series has a number of great features. The construction of this series is 100% wood-free. Bullfrog Spas uses EnduraFrame™ technology to ensure that your spa lasts. Without wood, you don’t have to worry about the frame rotting or warping. Bullfrog Spas also uses Wellspring™ Water Care System to ensure that your water is clean and clear. This is a dual-filter system for maximum filtration. The JetPak Therapy System® allows you to personalize your spa experience by choosing between JetPaks that have ultra-efficient plumbing technology. This allows for a personalized experience and great reliability.

The series comes in two models; the STIL7 and the STIL5.


The STIL7 seats six individuals and is equipped with two dedicated lounges. When you purchase a STIL7 model, you can choose three JetPak massages for your spa. You can enjoy upright or lounged seating thanks to the model’s flexible, open-concept seating design.

STIL7 Specifications

Dimensions: 7′ 4″ x 7′ x 34″
Water Capacity: 393 Gallons (1488 Liters)


A more space-conscious design is the STIL5. The design of this spa is great for urban environments and indoor-use. The modern design aesthetic won’t feel out of place, even in your home. It seats four people and also includes a flexible, open-concept seating design. With this design, you still have the option to pick three JetPak massages.

STIL5 Specifications

Dimensions: 5′ 7″ x 6′ 10″ x 31″
Water Capacity: 342 Gallons (1295 Liters)

For more information on the Bullfrog Spas STIL series, visit our showroom at Niagara Hot Tubs today.


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