Troubleshooting Tips for Your Hot Tub this Winter

Troubleshooting Tips for Your Hot Tub this Winter
Troubleshooting Tips for Your Hot Tub this Winter

As the holiday quickly approaches, you might be hosting many hot tub holiday parties as hot tubs are for relaxation and entertaining. When having company over this holiday season and your hot tub is having problems, look through this list of troubleshooting tips to determine quick fixes you can do to get your hot tub ready to use!

Power Outage

If a power outage happens here’s how you are able to be prepared. First DO NOT drain the spa, in the winter power outages are resolved quickly and most spas with good insulation and a cover will probably be able to hold the heat for 24 hours. If the hot tub was above 90 degrees it will take a while before there is a concern for frozen pipes and such on the hot tub. Next, DO NOT put flames or gas heater under the spa as this surprisingly happens often, this can cause problems with the soot, carbon monoxide and melt spa parts. The best thing to do would be to put the cover on as the power will be back on in less than 24 hours.  However, if the power is still not on within 24 hours here’s how to be prepared. Place a 100-watt shop light under the skirt in the equipment area next to the pack. Please check to ensure that it is not placed too close to the equipment to prevent damage being caused by the heat. This should help to warm the cabinet overnight to avoid freezing.

Is Your Hot Tub Taking a Long Time to Heat Up or are you getting flow error codes?

If you find your hot tub is taking longer than usual to warm up then turn off the circuit breaker. After the circuit breaker is off clear the tub debris and clean your filters with high pressure from the hose, then wait 15 minutes before turning the power back on at the circuit breaker and run the tub for half an hour before anyone can enter the hot tub.  After this, the Hot Tub should efficiently heat up and knowing the dirt within the filter was causing the longer heating time.

Poor jet Performance

If your jets are underperforming, check that your pump is operating properly by checking the water level is at an appropriate level. After this make sure the jets are open and the air controls are open as well. To get the jets back to performance level check for dirty filters and clean them if necessary. This should have the jet’s performance back up to standards.

Be prepared this winter for common errors that can happen within hot tubs when the seasons are changing. These common tips will allow for the most efficient way for your hot tub to be ready to be used!


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