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  • The Basics to Hot Tub Maintenance: Filter Cleaning

    The Basics to Hot Tub Maintenance: Filter Cleaning

    Fall is the perfect time for hot tub maintenance. Preparing your hot tub for the winter can help extend the…

    by niagarahottubs
  • Benefits to Owning a Spa

    Benefits to Owning a Spa

    Everyone has their own reason for wanting a spa. Some are seeking relaxation, some desire physical health benefits, and others…

    by niagarahottubs
  • The Beginner's Guide to Hot Tub Ownership

    The Beginner’s Guide to Hot Tub Ownership

    So, you are officially a new owner of a hot tub. Whether you’ve purchased your first hot tub or recently…

    by niagarahottubs
  • Relieving Sore Muscles through Hydrotherapy

    Relieving Sore Muscles through Hydrotherapy

    Do you often experience stiffness, sore joints or pain in your body? It tends to be a common complaint made…

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  • Master-Spas-HL7

    Featured Spa: Master Spas Healthy Living 7

    Our Featured Spa is Master Spas Healthy Living 7! This floor model won’t last, as it has a savings of…

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  • Fall-Tips

    Steps for Getting Your Spa Ready for Fall

    With the cooler weather on its way, it is time to start thinking about preparing your spa for fall. By…

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  • hot-tub-gazebo

    Completing Your Backyard Hot Tub

    You’ve finally bought your dream backyard hot tub, however, you feel like your space is still incomplete. Some evenings when…

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  • purchase-a-spa-rather-than-taking-a-family-vacation

    Purchase a Spa Rather than Taking a Family Vacation

    Money doesn’t grow on trees and many families would probably agree. With the cost of living constantly increasing it can…

    by niagarahottubs
  • Landscape backyard to compliment hot tub

    Landscaping Your Backyard to Compliment Your Hot Tub

    Homes are an investment and an expensive one. Many homeowners take pride in their home and of its visual appearance…

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  • Stress-free backyard purchase a swim spa

    Turn your backyard into a stress free environment -purchase a swim spa!

    After a long hectic day, do you tend to come home feeling completely drained or have zero motivation to do…

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