Switch up your workouts with backyard hot tub yoga

Switch up your workouts with backyard hot tub yoga
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If you’re looking to switch up your exercise routine and start getting the most out of your backyard hot tub, there are plenty of exercise routines that you can benefit from. Hydrotherapeutic exercise is great for anyone who suffers from arthritis, joint pain, or any injuries that make exercise difficult and/or painful.

It might feel like you’re doing less when you’re exercising in water, but that’s just all it is: a feeling. The water will relieve the weight off of your joints, so you’re able to get the most out of your work out with the least amount of pain. Hydrotherapy hot tubs can give you all these benefits in a calm, relaxing environment.

The benefits of working out in a hot tub

The reality is, when you’re exercising in water you’re actually working just as hard as you would be if you were out of the water – with added resistance. The water acts as a form of resistance for your movement, almost as though you’re always lifting weights as you move. This means it’s easier for you to go through a more intense workout, without even realizing that you’re doing so.

The water lessens the intensity of gravity, so you can move more freely in the water. This gives you a wider range of motion for your movements. If your workouts continue this way you’ll be able to increase and improve your own flexibility from the comfort of your custom spas.

Increase flexibility with hot tub yoga

Hot yoga has gained increased popularity, for good reason: warm muscles are more flexible, making it easier to achieve difficult yoga poses, and get the most out of your yoga routine.

A backyard hot tub will also help your routine by warming your muscles and giving you improved flexibility. The tranquility and calm, relaxing feeling of being in high quality hot tubs makes for the perfect place to focus on your workout and clear your mind.

Swim University recently partnered with Bullfrog Spas to create hot tub yoga routines for beginners, intermediate, and advanced yogis. Check out the routines here, and start getting the most out of your backyard hot tub today.

The first step: get your backyard hot tub

To start getting a beneficial workout in your backyard, connect with us here at Niagara Hot Tubs and see our collection of high quality hot tubs and custom spas. We’ll help you find what works the best for you, so that you can get the hot tub or spa that will benefit you the most.


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