Turn your backyard into a stress free environment -purchase a swim spa!

Turn your backyard into a stress free environment -purchase a swim spa!

After a long hectic day, do you tend to come home feeling completely drained or have zero motivation to do anything? Well, this could be caused by stress! Stress has the ability to cause numerous emotional and physical effects on the human body. Over time, stress can also lead to serious health issues, which everyone tries to avoid in life. If you’re feeling stressed, it’s time to take matters into your own hands! Lower your overall stress and start living a more positive and relaxing life by purchasing a swim spa!


Benefits of swim spas offer various de-stressing benefits that can potentially help to increase your overall physical and mental health, all while lowering your stress levels. Two main de-stressing features include personal exercise and relaxation.


For years, health professionals have been expressing the benefits of exercise and its link with reducing stress levels. Physical exercise helps to increase endorphins within the brain, which are the “feel-good” neurotransmitters that aid with lowering stress within the body.

As previously noted in an earlier blog, we outlined the benefits that swim spas offer in conjunction with exercise. Swim spas allow the user to modify the resistance level within the swim spa, allowing the user to modify their workout to fit the desired results. The swim spa offers a wide range of ways for users to exercise. Whether you’re simply a beginner or an expert, the swim spa allows the user to customize the resistance to their desired level! By engaging in exercise while in your swim spa, it will not only help with boosting endorphins which can help to lower stress, but will also help to burn calories!


Warm bubbling water decreases a person’s physical stress level throughout the body. As heat improves circulation, it helps to lower blood pressure and tends to put the body into a state of physical relaxation. Swim spas not only have the ability to be physically relaxing but also mentally relaxing! After a long day at work, consider grabbing your favorite beverage to enjoy while having some down time! Relaxing time after a hectic day will not only calm the mind but can assist with decreasing stress levels within your body.

When purchasing a swim spa, make sure that you choose one that has the features that best fit your needs. The various features that are available for the swim spa will add to your overall experience. Relax, de-stress and enjoy some quality time in your new swim spa! Come to Niagara Hot Tubs if you’re looking for the perfect swim spa.


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