Steps for Getting Your Spa Ready for Fall

Steps for Getting Your Spa Ready for Fall

With the cooler weather on its way, it is time to start thinking about preparing your spa for fall. By taking these steps, not only will it help to extend the life of your hot tub but it will help keep your hot tub running at full capacity during the cooler weather. Here are 3 tips to help prepare your hot tub for this fall:

Drain and Refill

The water in your hot tub should be changed at a minimum every 6 months or more often if it is used daily. This process can be time-consuming, however, it helps with maintaining the life of your hot tub. The benefit of changing the water every few months is that it helps with reducing the buildup of minerals within the spa. By taking this step, it will also assist with reducing the potential for scale buildup that can occur on the heater and spa shell. Proper water care is an important aspect of maintaining the life of your backyard hot tub. Not only does changing the water in your spa help to maintain the overall life expectancy of your spa but it helps with promoting a more enjoyable experience for users.

Clean the Filter

Did you know that a dirty, clogged, or worn out filter can actually cause damage to the pump in your backyard hot tub? This will then result in cloudy and foamy water. It is recommended that you clean your filters on a monthly basis. It is also a good habit to replace your filter approximately every 1-2 years especially with a higher bather load). Cleaning the filter will help to maintain the overall function of the spa’s pump reducing potential maintenance costs.

Protect your Spa Cover

The cover on your spa is an important aspect. It helps to keep the unwanted elements out of the water and assists with maintaining the life expectancy of your spa. Not only does the cover help to keep your spa up to quality standards but keeps it looking it’s best. By cleaning and treating your cover with a specific protectant used for hot tub covers, it will help to add years to its life and save you money. Before the weather gets too cold remember to inspect your cover for any holes or tears.

With fall quickly approaching and winter following not too far behind, it’s time to prep your backyard hot tub for the weather. Not only will taking these steps help to increase the life expectancy of your hot tub, it will also maximize the user’s experience.


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