How to stay safe with these outdoor hot tub accessories

How to stay safe with these outdoor hot tub accessories
outdoor hot tub accessories

As we enjoy the sunshine after a week of rain, most people have firmly set their sights on summer and getting their backyard ready for summertime. If you’re one of those people you’re probably looking forward eagerly to using your hot tub every day or are already using it. When you climb into your hot tub on a bright sunny day, however, keep in mind that there are certain steps you should be taking to ensure you stay healthy while you’re in the hot tub. There are outdoor hot tub accessories you can buy that will help.

Covana Oasis Hot Tub Cover for sun shelter & safety

When you think of a hot tub cover, you probably think of just taking it off the top of your hot tub and hopping in to enjoy the relaxing spa. The Oasis does that, and also does more. Not only is it a hot tub cover that will keep your spa secure with a watertight seal. But when you open it, it does much more than that.

It’s simple to open, and once it has, your high-quality hot tub cover becomes an elegant gazebo that covers the hot tub and protects you from the sun. This prevents you from getting sunburned and keeps you away from those harmful ultraviolet rays. With more direct sun exposure you can risk sunstroke, dehydration, and if prolonged exposure continues, even skin cancer. Though being in the sun is a staple in the summer, make sure you have something that keeps you safe from the potential harm of the sun while you’re enjoying your backyard hot tub.

SmartBar for hydration

The SmartBar features a slip-resistant tread to keep things from slipping. This makes it one of the best hot tub accessories for holding drinks, including glasses or bottles of water.

People tend not to think about remaining hydrated while in the water, but the combination of the sunshine, warm weather, and warm water can cause dehydration more easily in hot tub users. Keeping yourself hydrated while you use the hot tub is important for your health, and for your enjoyment of your backyard hot tub.

Safe-T-Rail for easy entry and exit

A hot tub is filled with water, which can make for some slippery surfaces. Even if you have a slip-resistant tread on the steps into your hot tub, consider investing in the Safe-T-Rail. This ultra sturdy accessory takes 5 minutes to install to the side of the tub, will make it easier and safer to get in and get out of your hot tub.
The risks that come with having a hot tub are minor, but to get full enjoyment out of your hot tub, don’t underestimate them. Check out what other outdoor hot tub accessories we carry here at Niagara Hot Tubs, and chat with us about how to get the most out of your backyard hot tub experience.


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