Completing Your Backyard Hot Tub

Completing Your Backyard Hot Tub

You’ve finally bought your dream backyard hot tub, however, you feel like your space is still incomplete. Some evenings when you sit in your backyard spa you feel as though it’s not very private from your neighbours. Also, you feel as though you aren’t able to use your hot tub in all weather conditions, for instance during an intense rain storm or a blizzard. Well, if you’re looking to enhance your outdoor experience, potentially adding an enclosure or surrounding can enhance your backyard spa and complete your ideal space.

Most Suitable Option for my Backyard Hot Tub

There a few options that can be added to your backyard hot tub in order to complete your ideal space. These options include gazebos, pergolas, and surroundings. Each option is relatively different from the other while adding completely different finishes for your ideal backyard.

The Benefits 

Each option offers similar yet different benefits. For instance, a gazebo will offer your spa protection and will mainly be enclosed, where a surrounding will not add any enclosure for your hot tub. Overall, the main benefits from these various options are privacy, additional seating, towel and supply storage, protection from the elements and a potential increase in your property value. Benefits will vary based on the option you choose but each option provides some form of added value to both your outdoor spa and backyard!

How Do I Choose?

Various factors come into play when it’s time to decide which option you should choose. You’ve just spent a fair amount of money on your backyard spa and are now contemplating a gazebo or surrounding. You need to decide which option will best compliment your backyard and your spa. Factors to keep in mind when you’re choosing which option will work best; your overall backyard aesthetics, your space, and your style. If you have a small backyard, you wouldn’t want an oversized gazebo around your hot tub, causing your backyard to seem even smaller than it already is.

So, how do you choose which type of covering or surrounding is right for your spa, space, overall aesthetics and personal needs? Come in and talk with one of our knowledgeable sales reps today.


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