Cold Weather and Your New Hot Tub

Cold Weather and Your New Hot Tub
cold weather and your new hot tub

Taking time to relax in the warm water of your new hot tub or spa is the perfect cure for the cold winter months. The warm water can relax your muscles and clear away any aches and pains that accompany the winter months (think a sore back from shovelling the snow, sore legs from the extra effort walking through snow may take).

Not only that, but the heat from the water in your spa can actually be very beneficial to the skin, opening the pores up and keeping your face from drying out too harshly with the cold wind.

As you use your new hot tub throughout the winter, it’s important to ensure you perform some extra maintenance. In order to get the best possible experience from your hot tub this winter, follow our top five winter hot tub tips.

Stock up On Water Care Supplies

Water care supplies are always important, but being stocked up during the winter (especially for impromptu dips) is crucial. Realizing that you’re out of shock or sanitizer when you’re in the snow in a bathing suit isn’t a good time to realize that you need to make a trip to the store. Also, depending on the level of snow, the nearest hot tub supplies store may be closed down, or dangerous to get to. It’s best to make sure you’re stocked and ready, just in case.  

Maintain Water Level

Water evaporates much quicker off of the hot tub surface when it’s cold and dry out, so be sure to have your water above the skimmer line. If the water level gets too low it can reduce heating, reduce the water outflow from the hot tub jets, and have a negative impact on the cleanliness of the water due to poor filtration.

To ensure you have a steady water level in your hot tub, check your tub every 2-3 days in the winter, even if you haven’t used it. If you’re planning on using it, make sure everything is up to par a few hours before you plan to get in.  

Inspect Your Hot Tub Cover in Daylight

Tears, leaks, or any other abnormalities can cause problems year round, and during the winter these issues can make your energy bills skyrocket. A well fitting cover is the number one way to save money and keep your tub clean.

As it expands and contracts with the cold weather, a low-quality cover can get brittle and be more likely to break or become water-logged.  Invest in a high quality, well-fitting cover, and add checking the cover to your list of regular hot tub maintenance tasks.

Clean Your Filters

Filters need to be handled with care in order to extend the filter life. Filters only last about 2-3 years, so make sure that the products that you are using improve efficiency so you get the most out of your filter as possible.

Keep Up With Water Care

During those very snowy winter nights, it is still very important to check your hot tub. Be sure to set reminders because cleaning it and taking care of it during the winter is necessary not just for the winter hot tub fun, but for summer use as well. A hot tub left neglected makes for more work in the long run. Water chemistry needs to be in balance and sanitizer levels need to be adequate.

If you are snowbirds and travel extensively in the winter, you might want to consider winterizing your new hot tub during the winter months.


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