Why regularly replacing hot tub covers is important

Why regularly replacing hot tub covers is important
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One part of the hot tub that often goes overlooked for maintenance is your hot tub cover. The cover for hot tubs can affect the quality of the water in your hot tub, how energy efficient your hot tub is, and your overall enjoyment of your backyard spa.

We put together some tips to know when it’s time to change your cover, and what the benefits are of routinely replacing it.

Inspect your hot tub covers frequently

When you take the cover off of your hot tub, be sure to inspect it thoroughly. What you’ll be looking for is the smell, the feel of the hot tub covers, and the look of both the cover and the water. If the cover gives off a musty scent, there is likely water in the cover, or potentially mildew building up in the interior zipper of the cover. This can be prevented by regularly cleaning your cover, but if it does build up then it’s time to replace the cover.

You’ll also need to inspect how the cover feels. If you can feel it getting heavier when you lift it off the backyard hot tub then it’s likely that the steam from the hot tub has waterlogged the cover. You should also feel the vinyl for cracks or tears in the hot tub cover. This is also a good time to look for those rips or tears that may have occurred. Pay special attention to the seams: if they’re not closed properly, they may be letting heat out from your tub and making it harder for your hot tub to maintain temperatures.

Benefits of maintaining a hot tub cover

Properly maintained covers for hot tubs will help you reduce the cost of your hot tub. If the cover is not sealing correctly, cooler air will be able to get in and cool the temperature of the water. If the hot tub is sealed properly with a well-maintained cover, it won’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature of the water. This will reduce the amount of energy it uses, lowering the amount you have to pay monthly to enjoy your hot tub or spa.

The best hot tub cover will also make for cleaner water. Properly cleaning your hot tub cover will ensure nothing gets into the water, and there is no mildew build up on the underside of the cover. Getting a new cover will make sure your water stays clean.

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