Swim Spas vs. Pools: Which should you choose?

Swim Spas vs. Pools: Which should you choose?
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Your backyard is a space that you want to create a unique environment in because let’s face it, you’ll be spending a lot of time in it during the nice summer months. With the warm weather comes the temptation to invest even more in your backyard, with the toughest decision being whether to invest in a pool or a portable swim spa. Swim spas are growing in popularity and for a good reason. Here are some reasons why you should choose a swim spa over an in-ground swimming pool.

Why swim spas are the better option

With an inground pool starting at around $40 thousand (plus other incurred costs such as landscaping and electrical) it’s not too difficult for a swim spa to compete. Swim spas are a fraction of the cost of installing an in-ground pool and can be fully installed with fewer additional costs.

In-ground swimming pools can last at the very most 5 months even with heaters. Swim spas give you a year-round experience while also giving you the capability to train for a variety of sports such as swimming, running, and rowing.

Swim spas provide customers with a compact product that offers a vigorous exercise program. Workouts in a swim spa with special resistance pulleys, bands and fins, rowing equipment or using the jets to create a stream of water to swim in, can give you the same aerobic experience as a swimming pool. The hydrotherapy that comes from the spa jets can relieve you of any stress from a busy work day.

What a swimming pool can offer you

A swimming pool lets you control the water movement more on your own, and with that a more natural experience. It can be better for larger groups as it gives people more room to spread out.

The cost of swimming pools isn’t ideal, but it can be a good investment if you are selling your home at a later date. On the contrary, swim spas offer you the portability so that if you did decide to move you can bring it along with you.

Swim spas are also great if you’re looking to use fewer chemicals in your backyard water experience. With all the great advantages swim spas have to offer from exercising to relaxing and hydrotherapy treatment, there’s a good reason why many people are choosing them over swimming pools. Niagara Hot Tubs has many swim spas that can accommodate any backyard experience. Connect with us today and find out how we can help create your backyard oasis.


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