What to do when your hot tub cover gets waterlogged

What to do when your hot tub cover gets waterlogged
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There’s no way to completely prevent condensation from collecting inside your cover, but annual cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your hot tub cover, and hopefully prevent waterlogging.  Large quantities of water trapped in the foam along with mildew and mold growth will occur if you do not properly maintain your cover. Although there’s many things you can do to prevent waterlogging, it can still creep up on you and affect your hot tub experience.

How the waterlogging happens

The most common way hot tub covers get damaged is through punctures or deterioration of the vinyl covering – the ‘skin’ or the foam’s protective vapour barrier bag/covering, which serve to prevent moisture from entering the high-density foam. If you notice that your hot tub cover is heavier than usual and appears waterlogged, remove it from the top of your hot tub and inspect it for rips or tears in the vinyl covering or vapour barrier.

Attempting to rescue your hot tub cover

Before you resort to replacing it, air-drying the foam core may be the solution. Care and caution need to be taken when doing this, but rest assured, it is possible!

Remove the hot tub cover from the hot tub. Very carefully unzip the vinyl ‘skin’ and remove each piece of the foam core. Stand or lay the foam in a sunny part of your yard to allow air to pass under them.

Turn the vinyl cover inside out and towel the inside of the cover dry. Lay it in a sunny spot as well. Spray the inside of your vinyl cover and each surface of the foam pieces with a mildew inhibitor and let them dry. Turn the cover right-side-out, insert your foam pieces back in and zip it closed. If a tear should occur in the vapour barrier cover/bag, you can purchase new bags.  

If all else fails…

Replace your cover! Although this isn’t the ideal situation, your cover will eventually become a hassle if it’s past repair. Not only does a waterlogged hot tub cover result in loss of spa heat, but the weight my cause damage to your cover lifters.

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