Stay Eco Friendly With Hot Tub Maintenance

Stay Eco Friendly With Hot Tub Maintenance
hot tub maintenance

Hot tubs are relaxing, fun, and therapeutic. However, some people think they cost a lot of money to run, and can significantly increase their carbon footprint. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to ensure that your backyard hot tub is energy efficient and eco-friendly to save you money and help out the Earth while you’re at it, all by doing simple hot tub maintenance.

Change your filters regularly

Performing proper hot tub maintenance on the filter in your hot tub or swim spa is a crucial part of the puzzle of having clean, properly regulated water. Changing the hot tub filter regularly will improve the quality of water that is in your hot tub. If the water is maintained properly, it will involve having to change the water over less frequently, which will not only save you money in water costs but also helps keep you eco-friendly by using less water.

Removing your hot tub filter every 4 weeks and cleaning it will also help you maintain good water quality. Regardless of how much you use your hot tub, it’s important to regularly clean it on top of replacing it when necessary.

Cleaning your filter will save you money, as it will decrease the frequency that you need to replace it. A clean filter will also help you stay energy efficient, because it will allow the water to flow through the filter more efficiently, and will be less hard on your hot tub system. You will also decrease the amount of spa and hot tub chemicals you need to use to keep your water clean and clear, which will help you maintain an eco-friendly backyard hot tub or swim spa.

Change your settings

If you’re spending more than you think you should in energy costs for your hot tub or spa, check the filtration cycles that are programmed into the hot tub. Peak energy cost times change per season, so if the filtration cycle isn’t changed as the seasons do, you may find yourself paying more than you anticipate.

If there is a long period of non-use due to other commitments, remember to lower the temperature of your hot tub down to a more moderate temperature. This way the hot tub systems won’t be expending a lot of energy trying to maintain a high temperature.

Invest in a high-quality hot tub cover

If your hot tub cover is old, doesn’t fit properly, or damaged it could be letting cold air in, especially if you are running your hot tub in the winter. If cold air gets into the hot tub, it can increase the amount of energy necessary to keep the water at a specific temperature.

Most standard covers will keep tight enough to your cover to make sure that it is sealed properly. If your cover is old, however, make sure it hasn’t become worn down or damaged in any way. If it has, now may be the time to invest in a new one before you begin paying a lot of money in energy costs for your hot tub to maintain it’s hot temperatures.

For more information on how to keep your hot tub cost effective and eco-friendly, visit us at Niagara Hot Tubs. We have the hot tub expertise to make sure your hot tub is running effectively for you.


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