What is Hydrotherapy?

What is Hydrotherapy?

Do you ever wish that the things you really enjoy (like chocolate!) could be good for you as well? We can’t help with the chocolate, but the hot tubs that you love? We can help with that. Hydrotherapy has been an influential aspect of wellbeing since ancient times, the only thing that has changed is that it is more accessible than ever before. Many spas include various hydrotherapy features, providing more options to more individuals. Here are some ways which hydrotherapy may benefit you.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Athletes

The body of an athlete is put to the test every day and needs to be taken care of in order for it to continue performing at its best. Hydrotherapy is a method of recovery that is becoming more common because it has the ability to speed up the muscles recovery time. Athletes visit spas frequently for massages, but the visit to the spa can now include a session in hydrotherapy. Studies show that hot water immersion can help with an athlete’s post-workout soreness by up to 40%, which will allow them to have a better performance for their next workout.

Hydrotherapy for Adults

Our bodies are constantly changing and it is only natural for new aches and pains to be found each day. Keeping that pain at bay with hydrotherapy can be a safe choice for those experiencing regular aches, as well as problems associated with diabetes and arthritis. Your hot tub can become a place of healing by performing low impact exercises, which will improve flexibility and mobility in older adults. Hydrotherapy is a great all natural remedy to counteract aging pains.   

Overall Health and Wellness

Hydrotherapy, while beneficial to physical health, can also have positive effects on emotional health as well. The business of today’s lifestyle often makes us forget how important it is to slow down, but hydrotherapy reminds us. Backyard hot tubs increase mental clarity, relieve stress and anxiety, and can even solve some symptoms of insomnia. Using a hot tub to create an at-home spa can introduce a sense of wellbeing that may not have existed before.

The benefits of hydrotherapy have been explored throughout history, and the findings of the ancient times still remain true today. Athletes, adults, and anyone who needs to be rejuvenated in their emotional life can benefit from hydrotherapy. If you are ready to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy in your own backyard, get in touch with Niagara Hot Tubs to find out how you can get started.


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