Ensuring your Hot Tub Cover is Ready for Winter

Ensuring your Hot Tub Cover is Ready for Winter

Having a hot tub run in the colder months requires additional energy in order for it to be usable, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of your hydro bills. Maintaining an affordable hydro bill during the fall and winter can be a challenge, but there is one unexpected thing that can help with neutralizing the cost. A good hot tub cover is often overlooked in the importance of maintaining your hot tubs temperature when the weather cools down. Here are some signs and tips to ensure that your hot tub cover is ready for the winter.

Ideal Hot Tub Cover Weight

One of the first signs of whether or not your hot tub cover is still in good condition is the weight of it. If the cover weighs more than 50 – 75 pounds, it is no longer doing the best job that it can. When the cover becomes too heavy, it becomes waterlogged, which leads to several other problems. When the cover is waterlogged, and the temperatures are low enough, the cover freezes, which defeats the purpose of the cover. When the cover no longer works to keep the hot tub at a desirable temperature, money is wasted in hydro bills.

Properly Caring for your Hot Tub Cover

With the proper care, a hot tub cover can be replaced every 3 to 8 years, but if it is not being taken care of, and the weather is brutal, it can be necessary to replace it annually. Proper care of a hot tub cover includes the proper removal of it, as well as balanced water chemistry. There are corrosive elements that can cause poor acidity, and if this occurs, the poly vapor barriers are eaten away and the cover becomes saturated and then frozen.

Using a new hot tub cover, and taking care of it, will save a lot of money in hydro bills in the foreseeable future. Using a cover protectant product to help prevent the UV rays from further damaging the cover will prolong the life expectancy. If you are in for a new spa cover, stop by our showroom today.


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