Benefits of Smartop covers and hot tub cover lifts

Benefits of Smartop covers and hot tub cover lifts
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Smartop hot tub covers set a new standard for covers by reducing problems that occur with other covers such as absorbing water, developing odours, and becoming too heavy to use. Smartop’s are easy to open with just one hand as the hydraulic hot tub cover lifts allow the cover to be opened with a stable, vertical, locked position. You simply fold back, lift up, and set it on the side of your hot tub for a wind/privacy screen. High quality hot tubs aren’t complete without a Smartop, and here are some benefits to prove why.


Strong and secure hot tub cover lifts

The ribbed panel design combined with aluminum support channels inset within the polymer panels helps ensure structural integrity. With a load capacity of up to 800 pounds, Smartop lifters can easily support snow, ice, pets, and a lot more.

Unauthorized and unsupervised use won’t happen as the Steel Cable Cover-Lock System coupled with a combination padlock (included) provides ultimate security. Smartop is also repairable for any problem that is due to accident or failure as each component is replaceable making hot tub maintenance simple.


Zero water retention and integrated hydraulics

Smartop’s interlocking polymer panels shield the interior insulating foam from water vapour and run-off preventing weight gain, odour, and mould. Smartops are made with the same materials used in vinyl fencing and decking, and will last five times longer than traditional vinyl covers. The cover is easy to open with the integrated hydraulics, and acts as a wind screen, providing the user an ultimate hot tub experience.


Other key features:

  • Wind-lock bar – keeps the Smartop safely secure in the open, upright position
  • Tapered design – allows for water run-off to prevent pooling
  • Durable rubber skirt – prevents dirt and dust from entering the spa
  • Thermal super seal gasket – lays flat on the spa’s acrylic tub and prevents heat loss


Contact Niagara Hot Tubs to find out what hot tub cover lifts are right for your hot tub. Niagara Hot Tubs is a family-owned and operated spa and hot tub retailer serving the Niagara region since 2000. We are a full-service dealer that offers water care products, parts, and accessories, as well as a repair service.


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