Choosing the right JetPaks for your Bullfrog Spas hot tub

Choosing the right JetPaks for your Bullfrog Spas hot tub
Bullfrog Spas JetPak options

Going into the third and final part of this series, it’s safe to say we have a decent idea of the benefits that come with Bullfrog’s JetPak Hot Tub Therapy System. After taking a closer look at the first 11 of 17 available Bullfrog Spas JetPaks it’s probably already a difficult task deciding which ones fit your needs best. I thought we could give you a few more options to think about so that maybe if the first 11 don’t meet your needs, one of these next 6 should.



With a smooth sensation like no other, the RainShower JetPak provides a soothing massage with its 42 shower jets. This JetPak is perfect for those times where you prefer a gentle all-over hydromassage experience that isn’t too strong. Melt away all your cares and worries with the smooth soft surface massage offered by the RainShower.



The Reliever JetPak provides an intense direct-pressure deep tissue massage to your lower obliques while also soothing your upper lateral muscles with medium-intense kneading action. While the Deep Relief jet provides the deep-tissue massage, the oscillator does the soothing. With 6 jets equipped, enjoy a powerful therapeutic sensation that is the best of both worlds.



The SpinalHealth JetPak rejuvenates sore spinal muscles giving you a boost of energy. The 8 DeepRelief jets are aligned to target the muscles nearest your spinal column with a deep and intense direct-pressure hydromassage. Rid yourself of those tense and aching spinal muscles with a penetrating therapeutic massage.



The simple spinal relief provided by the Spinalssage JetPak is highly effective with its 2 Dual Pulse jets. Each rotating jet is aligned with points along the spine where tension tends to be built and stored. The JetPak also uses less water flow than most, giving you the opportunity to optimize water flow rates to your other JetPaks across the spa.



Looking for both relaxation and therapy in the hot tub? This JetPak is for you. The versatile therapy offered by the Versa is comprehensive and a varied massage experience, using 6 jets with 3 types including: Deep Relief, Oscillator, and Dual Pulse. A strong direct shoulder massage, mid back kneading action, and steady pulsating massage for the lower back gives you the ultimate spa experience.



The Wellness JetPak combines a variety of different massages into one amazing spa therapy experience. High-intensity deep tissue massage in your lower back and medium-intensity rhythmic pulsating massages in your shoulders and lateral muscles will have you feeling better as you improve your health and well-being.


Why Bullfrog Spas?

So there you have it, all of the Bullfrog Spas JetPaks explained. With the variety of exclusive options, Bullfrog Spas maintains its reputation as a brand committed to hydrotherapy hot tubs with unlimited customization. Niagara Hot Tubs is a certified Bullfrog Spas retailer. Connect with us today and get the spa you’re looking for that will provide the most reliable and therapeutic hydrotherapy experience.


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