It’s Going to Get Very Windy!

It’s Going to Get Very Windy!
Niagara Hot Tubs

Environment Canada says we will have heavy rainfall later tonight until Wednesday evening (October 28, 2015) in the Niagara region.

Rainfall amounts of 45 to 55 millimetres are expected and winds up to 90 kms per hour! Hazards may include power outages due to heavy downpours causing tree limbs to fall on power lines.

Prepare your hot tub by locking the clips of your hot tub cover, securing cover lifters, steps, and umbrellas. This would be a good time to use Hurricane Straps (in stock at Niagara Hot Tubs). After the storm check that nothing has been damaged and that the hot tub is working properly – especially if you experienced a power outage in your area.

Stay safe out there! There’s no place like home.



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