Internal malfunctions and hot tub troubleshooting

Internal malfunctions and hot tub troubleshooting
hot tub troubleshooting

After taking a look at the common problems with your hot tub filters and water, we’re going to take a closer look at the hot tub problems that aren’t always as easily recognized on the surface. Internal malfunctions happen to the best of us when it comes to any technological goodie, especially ones that are full of water and fuelled with electricity. But don’t worry, this blog should give you some assistance if you run into internal problems, making hot tub troubleshooting an easy task.

Hot tub jets not working?

If your hot tub is running but there’s nothing coming through, try twisting the face of the jet to allow water flow. An air lock could also be the problem if you have recently refilled your hot spa tub. Loosening either of the fittings on the pump will allow the air in the pipe to escape, just be sure to let the water flow for 5-10 seconds before retightening.

Error codes to direct your hot tub troubleshooting

If there’s something wrong or malfunctioning in your hot tub, the display will show an error code to give you an idea of what’s up. Some of the common error codes include:

  • Lo or FLC – Improper flow or pressure switch malfunction
  • OH – Overheat, the hot tub temperature is above 108 degrees F.
  • Dr/Dry – Inadequate water flow detected in the heater
  • COOL – Your spa tub water is more than 20 degrees F cooler than your set temperature
  • SnA or SnB – Sensor A or sensor B is bad or has a poor connection to your circuit board

For solutions to these error codes, contact Niagara Hot Tubs for help when it comes to your hot tub troubleshooting.

GFCI is tripping

A bad heater element, pump, blower, or ozonator can all cause a GFCI to trip. Your best bet is to unplug the components one at a time and turn the breaker on to determine which one is causing the problem. If you’ve unplugged all three components and the breaker still trips, it’s likely the heater element. Hiring a technician to replace the heater is your next best option rather than looking to do it on your own and settling for cheap hot tub parts.

Hot tub care performed regularly, ensures you have the best hot tub experience every time. There are plenty of hot tub problems that can occur if you don’t stay on top of your hot tub maintenance. If you have questions on how to best maintain your hot tub, connect with Niagara Hot Tubs.

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