Hot Tub Troubleshooting Tips And Tricks

Hot Tub Troubleshooting Tips And Tricks

You spend a lot of time and money when it comes to your hot tub. To ensure your hot tub is always up and running smoothly, take the time to learn various hot tub troubleshooting tips and tricks.

Regularly clean out the filters

Clean filters every 3-6 weeks. Monitor how frequently the hot tub is being used in order to be aware of the filters. Filters must be changed in order for proper hot tub function. Hot tub owners should change these every 1-2 years When cleaning them, ensure the hot tub is powered down or place the spa in “hold” mode. Once the spa is on hold, remove the filter cover to access the filter cartridges. Once the filters are removed, spray the filters down with the hose to remove the loose debris. After that’s complete, soak the pleated filters for approximately 6-12 hours in a bucket of warm water with some filter solution to remove body oils from the filters.

Check Water Balance

Ensuring that your water is clean and balanced is key. If you maintain the water chemistry, it will reduce the amount of water you have to adjust. This will not only save you money on chemicals because you’re using fewer, but it will save you money on water. Monitoring water chemistry is extremely important to ensure you will not run into problems in the future.When you own a backyard hot tub it is extremely important to ensure the chemistry of the water is ideal. This will help to reduce bacteria and skin irritation. As mentioned before, bacteria thrives in a warm and wet environment. Refer to your spa’s manual for proper maintenance instructions.

Hot tub jets not working?

Hot tub running but nothing is coming through? Try twisting the face of the jet to allow water flow. An airlock could also be the problem if you have recently refilled your hot spa tub. Loosening either of the fittings on the pump will allow the air in the pipe to escape, just be sure to let the water flow for 5-10 seconds before retightening.

Following these very simple yet important hot tub troubleshoooting tips will ensure that the water in your spa is hygienic. It is important to follow all care instructions outlined in the owner’s manual. If you are in need of any spa maintenance products or chemicals, visit Niagara Hot Tubs. We have a great selection of products to ensure the water of your spa is hygienic and clean allowing you to relax and enjoy your spa.


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