Hot tub maintenance tips for the summer opening

Hot tub maintenance tips for the summer opening
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With the first day of summer coming up fast along with the warm weather of late, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be thinking about opening your hot tub for the summer. Whether you’ve been using it all winter or are just opening it up now, hot tub maintenance is a must to ensure there are no problems and that it’s ready for the heavy summer usage.

As the winter months have probably posed a threat to your hot tub’s overall performance, it’s important to follow your manufacturer’s instructions to properly carry out the hot tub maintenance it needs. Along with those instructions, here’s a few tips and tricks that can benefit your season opening.


Hot tub maintenance starts with draining 

There are many cleaners that you can put into your water before draining to help scrub outlines, however if you choose not to go that route simply get the process going by draining the hot tub. Thoroughly cleaning the tub is important as it helps maintain a safe environment in the hot tub even if it hasn’t been used all winter. As you’re draining the hot tub you can inspect the cover cap for damage, considering the long, cold winters will sometimes get the better of these caps.

Be sure to check the jets, valves, pipes, pumps, and filter casings for damage and built up dirt. If there are any damaged parts be sure to replace them or call a technician. Inspecting the filters also includes carefully inspecting the paper. If it’s fraying or looking “fuzzy” it should probably be changed. Once drained, clean the interior surface with a non-abrasive brush or sponge and we recommend waxing at least every other year.


Refill and inspect for any hot tub problems

Once the hot tub has been properly cleaned out you’re ready to start refilling it. Pay close attention to this process, checking for leaks or cracks which you may not have noticed before filling. Be sure to try and find them now when they’re first occurring and not later in the season as they will tend to get worse as time goes on. Do some research and see if the problem is fixable and be sure to call a technician if need be.

Inspect the mechanics behind the panels of your tub before starting up the hot tub, and once you start it be sure to make sure your control panel buttons and each of the jets is functioning properly. If a jet isn’t working you can open it by twisting on the front face, and also check that the ozonator, pumps, and filters are working to help reduce the amount of future maintenance needed.



If you’ve already drained your hot tub and are ready to go for the summer, be sure to use testing strips to analyze the chemical balance in your water every few days over the summer to make sure they’re at safe levels. Try turning your hot tubs temperature down to 95 degrees Fahrenheit or lower during the summer days to have a relaxing experience as anything below your body temperature of 98.6 degrees will feel great.

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