Bullfrog Spas JetPaks can enhance your custom spa

Bullfrog Spas JetPaks can enhance your custom spa
Bullfrog custom spa

Not only do Bullfrog Spas offer you high levels of quality, reliability, and energy-efficiency, but they also give you the opportunity to pick and choose your hot tub experience with the customizable JetPak System. With various sizes, models, and customizable features like JetPaks, you’re almost guaranteed to find one for your lifestyle. This 3 part series is taking a look at the many JetPaks that are available for your custom spa, with detail explaining why each one is beneficial for your hydrotherapy hot tub experience. Enjoy part 2/3 of the series, and check here for part 1.



best spa tubs with JetPaksThis JetPak is great if you’re looking for a full-back rhythmic massage. With the 5 large SinglePulse jets offering a slow, pulsating action on almost the entire surface of your back, your massage experience is a calming sensation helping you achieve a relaxed meditative state. This JetPak is perfect for pain relief.






JetPaks for garden hot tubsWith both DeepRelief and FirmRelief JetPaks, this JetPak provides focused lower-back therapy to help treat tension and pain in an area of your body that is key to lifting, walking, running, and other key movements. The Lumbar provides combination massages targeting key pressure points in your middle-lower-back with a deep penetrating hydromassage.




hot tub companies with JetPaksThe NeckBlaster features the most neck and shoulder jets of any hydromassage in the JetPak lineup. The NetRelief and FirmRelief jet types provide a massage to the muscles that are known to tighten with stress and help alleviate built up tension with a focused medium intensity. Return to your daily activities relaxed with this JetPak that helps eliminate the effects of too much stress.






hot tub dealers with JetPaksIf you’re looking for maximum targeted therapy for your neck, this JetPak is for you. The NeckMasseuse offers a vigorous and penetrating high-intensity neck massage with direct pressure jets specifically aligned to treat tense neck muscles. With the NeckRelief and SinglePulse jet types working together you’ll also enjoy a medium intensity pulsating massage in your upper and lower back.






front OscillatorThe 4 Bullfrog-exclusive Oscillator jets equipped to this JetPak provide a soothing kneading massage covering a wide area of your back with a gentle to medium intensity slow pulsating feeling. Offering maximum relaxation, this JetPak is one of the most popular ones and is the on-demand masseuse in your own custom spa.






hot tub, tub JetPaksEscape your stress and worries with the Pulsator JetPak. With 6 DualPulse jets, enjoy a medium-fast speed pulsating massage at a medium intensity. The 6 rhythmically rotating dual-pulse jets are perfectly aligned to pressure points across your entire back. This JetPak is also one of the favourites of our selection.





Create your custom spa with JetPaks

No matter your choice of JetPak, Bullfrog Spas offers an experience like no other custom spa. Enjoy relaxation and hydrotherapy with these JetPaks in the comfort of your own home. Niagara Hot Tubs is Niagara’s Bullfrog Spas retailer, come and find the right hot tub for your backyard oasis.


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