Part 1: Benefits of using Bullfrog Spas and their JetPaks

Part 1: Benefits of using Bullfrog Spas and their JetPaks
bullfrog spas and JetPaks

Bullfrog Spas takes the idea of a custom spa to the next level with their JetPaks. The JetPak therapy system offers you a different spa experience depending on the JetPak you choose. These JetPaks are also interchangeable and you can change from one to the other in less than a minute. This innovation is a significant advancement in home spa therapy and as new jet technologies become available you can upgrade your spa at any time. In this 3-part series, we’re going to look at the entire selection of JetPaks so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs.



custom spa JetPaksWith 8 jets, the AcuTherapy uses for DeepRelief and FirmRelief jets to provide a targeted deep massage for the upper back and lower obliques. Your mid-back is also soothed with a medium-intensity pulsating massage. Get neck, upper and lower back stress relief along with mid-back relaxation while using this JetPak.




hydrotherapy hot tub JetPaksThis JetPak was made for alleviating aches and pains in a way no other hydro-massage can. The 8 FirmRelief medium-intensity direct jets are perfectly aligned to massage the key muscular regions across your back.




Cascadia II


best quality hot tubsExperience this waterfall in your own backyard through 4 jets. The FirmRelief and Cascadia Lighted Waterfall provides a gentle and relaxing 4-point back massage while showering your neck and shoulders with a calming warm
waterfall feature. This JetPak is available on the A8, A8L, and A8D models. The ambient sounds of falling water offer an experience unlike other hydrotherapy hot tubs.






JetPaks - hot tub store near me Struggling with aches and pains? The DeepRelief JetPak has been designed to target the specific muscle groups in your back that harbour tension and stress. The 10 targeted high-intensity jets provide a penetrating massage for maximum relief of aches and pains. This JetPak is great for recovery after exercise and complete relief of stress and tension.







JetPaks - hot tubs and moreThe FibroTherapy uses Oscillator and DeepRelief jets to provide maximum relief of daily aches. The 6 jets provide a combination massage engineered in conjunction with expert health consultants. Relax and feel well with the help of the unique kneading massage that relaxes your lower back while deep penetrating therapy soothes the area of your thoracic vertebrae





Why Bullfrog Spas are good for you

These are just a few of the many JetPaks that Bullfrog Spas have made to revolutionize the spa industry. Enjoy the unique massages and wellness benefits each of these JetPaks has to offer. Niagara Hot Tubs is Niagara’s go-to dealer for Bullfrog Spas. Come in today and check out the hydrotherapy hot tubs & spas we have that can give you the ultimate backyard experience.



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