Should I Buy a Used Hot Tub?

Should I Buy a Used Hot Tub?
dangers of buying a used hot tub

Buying a hot tub often involves a great deal of prior research in order to decide exactly what is wanted/needed. In some instances, there seem to be benefits to buying second hand, but that is definitely not the case with hot tubs. Hot tubs do require weekly maintenance and checks. If buying pre-owned, this often leads to issues almost immediately.

Unlike other used products such as a car, when you buy a second-hand hot tub, there is no option to do a test run at your home, which is often where problems will arise. Changing the location of the hot tub can disrupt some of the inner workings of the tub, and problems that were never there previously can begin. Here are some things to consider before you purchase a used hot tub for your home.

Invisible Issues In Used Hot Tubs

A major issue that often goes overlooked is mechanical or electrical problems. A hot tub has heating elements, thermostats, breakers, submersible lights, jets, pumps, and more. All of these things can be disconnected during travel. When you purchase a brand new hot tub you know it is in working order when you purchase it, and it is delivered by experts. If any of these issues are broken during delivery, you also have a warranty, which is not something you get when you purchase used.

One other issue that is often overlooked until you get the tub home and begin using it is the delamination and cracking that can occur when a tub has been refilled after being empty and exposed for more than a year or so. This happens because the weight and temperature of the water can be overbearing for the hot tub causing it to deteriorate. If you’re buying a used hot tub that has been emptied and unused before you purchased it, you’re risking serious issues to use it.

Cheaper Upfront, More Maintenance Costs

While buying a second-hand hot tub may seem like the more economical choice, that is often not the case. It may be cheaper to purchase the hot tub, but the cost of repair that often comes with a secondhand hot tub can make your pre-owned spa double the cost of what a new hot tub would have been – and double the headache.

This can be from issues with the hot tub that the seller did not disclose, but it can also be from inexperienced hot tub movers moving the hot tub to a new location, which makes these high maintenance bills difficult to avoid.

Plus quite often when purchasing a used hot tub, a new cover is required because the original has become very heavy and waterlogged.  This adds a pretty hefty expense to that deal you thought you were getting by purchasing a used one.  You also have no way of knowing if the used tub has been well cared for by the previous owner. This could lead to premature equipment failure.

Rely On New Hot Tub Experts

The best way to avoid issues with your hot tub is to purchase a new, high-quality hot tub spa from a reliable retailer. Going with a reliable hot tub company like Niagara Hot Tubs will give you peace of mind knowing that you are in the hands of experts, and a team you can trust. You can have the confidence to know that if in the unlikely event, something did go wrong with your hot tub, our team would be there to help you fix the problem.


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