Understanding Swim Spa Currents

Understanding Swim Spa Currents
currents in affordable swim spas

Swim spas have become an increasingly popular choice for swimmers, athletes and anyone looking for a great workout.  Manufacturers are constantly innovating to meet the needs of their customers and provide them with the best currents for any use. Affordable swim spas are designed to mimic lane swimming while never needing to switch directions due to reaching the end of the pool. A swim spa allows for a more constant lane swim by using a strong enough current so that the swimmer can be held in place steadily enough to confidently swim with power.

The Types Of Currents

There are a few currents that can be used in an affordable swim spa, all for various needs and levels of training. These currents are:

High Power Currents Using Jets

Depending on the manufacturer, swim spas which use jets can vary in terms of power, but they provide a strong current for swimmers. Swim spas with more jets are more powerful, while spas with fewer jets are more accessible for average swimmers. Due to the shape of the jet nozzle, the current or swimlane is a bit more turbulent and requires the swimmer to practice to become confident, which can make swimming difficult for weaker swimmers.

Propeller Swim Currents

Currents created by propellers create a strong and wide swim lane. The wider the swim lane, the easier it is to swim in – which makes a propeller swim spa ideal for both the average and strong swimmer.  They have variable speeds allowing a very light current up to a very strong current for a swimmer who prefers a good challenge!

Your Current Depends on Swimming Strength

When selecting a current, it’s important to focus on the strength of swimmer in the pool. While the currents can be affected by the style of power that a swim spa has, most modern swim spas also come with an adjuster, so you can control the strength of the current. Be sure that you work your way up to the highest setting for safety, and avoid overworking yourself.

For more information on swim currents and how to find the right one for you, come visit our team of experts at Niagara Hot Tubs! Our team will help find the affordable swim spa that is right for your needs.


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