Choosing The Overall Lowest Cost Hot Tub

Choosing The Overall Lowest Cost Hot Tub
choosing the lowest cost hot tub

A question we get often is how to keep the cost of running a hot tub low. Running your hot tub shouldn’t break the bank, and if it does it often means there is an issue with the spa. We put together some tips on how to choose the lowest cost hot tub for a backyard oasis without a sky-high energy bill.

Choosing The Right Foundation

Keeping your portable hot tub running efficiently and reducing cost starts with a strategically located, well-made foundation. When a spa loses heat or has difficulty maintaining a consistent level of heat, the cost to run your spa skyrockets. The most common way a spa loses heat is with an insufficient foundation that leaves spaces or holes that heat can escape through.

The most appropriate surface for a spa is a solid, flat surface. Concrete works best to ensure that there is no room for heat to escape. When you are choosing where to install your portable hot tub, keep in mind that the more sheltered the spa is around the sides, the more effective it will be at keeping heat in.

Effective Insulation

With poor insulation, heat escapes quickly making the temperature dip. This requires more energy to bring the portable hot tub back up to the chosen temperature. The more energy required to keep the temperature constant, the more expensive your backyard hot tub is to run.

Typically, spas are insulated through the use of full foam, partial foam, or no foam. Full foam is the densest insulator and retains the most heat. To get the most cost-effective hot tub, we recommend choosing a spa insulated with full foam.

Choosing The Right Hot Tub Cover

We’ve talked before about the importance of a durable and high-quality hot tub cover, however, it can’t be stressed enough. Heat rises, and a damaged or ill-fitting hot tub cover will let that rising heat escape, which will cool down the water in the tub. When choosing the right hot tub cover, look for something that uses dense foam, and a good steamer pad that runs along the entire seam of the cover to keep the heat in and water temperatures consistent.

If you’re looking for more information on how to find the most cost-effective hot tub, visit our showroom at Niagara Hot Tubs today. Our team of hot tub experts will help you find the right portable hot tub for your budget.


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