How to choose the best hot tub dealer to make a purchase

How to choose the best hot tub dealer to make a purchase
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Shopping around for the best price on a hot tub is the usual routine when it comes to such a large purchase. Something a lot of customers don’t think about is how it’s not just the hot tub you’re buying, it’s also the hot tub dealer. When you’re shopping, don’t just look at the product, but also look at the store you’re in. Do you feel comfortable there? Do they seem helpful, long term? Here are some tips to choosing the best hot tub store near you to make a purchase.

What is their Better Business Bureau rating?

The Better Business Bureau rating is assigned to businesses on a basis of standards and ethical behaviour within businesses. If you’re looking for a business to buy a hot tub from, don’t choose a company without checking their BBB rating. High rating businesses have committed to meeting these high standards, and these businesses are ones you can trust.

This rating is meant to help consumers like you know that you can trust and rely on a business, and they are accountable for their business practices. Before making  a final purchase decision, make sure that you look up the business’ BBB rating so you know you’re purchasing from a business you can trust.

Do they have local service and support?

When finding hot tub dealers, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. The first question you need to consider is: are they full service? Having something go wrong with your new hot tub isn’t something you’ll want to think about, but there is a chance it might happen.

Protect yourself now by finding a dealer who not only do you trust to sell you a hot tub, but who can provide you with service if anything happens. A full serve hot tub store will also have things like accessories, chemicals, and hot tub parts, so whatever you might need from them, they will have.

Another question you need to consider is whether they have reduced hours in the winter. Consider when you’ll most often be using your hot tub, and make sure that the dealer you choose will have hours that can service you during all seasons, not just summer.

Do they stock parts?

Just like you need to find someone who is full service, find a hot tub store that also stocks parts for the hot tub model you are looking at. This cuts out the cost of a potential middle man if something is wrong with your hot tub and it needs to be repaired – instead of having to pay a different company for the cost of the parts you need, find a hot tub store who will have that part in store to complete the repairs.

A store which stocks the parts you need will also be able to service your hot tub more quickly than a hot tub dealer who doesn’t. Keeping this in mind can save you time and money in the long run.

How long have they been in business?

Make sure you’re in the right hands with a business that has the experience to help you properly. Businesses who have been in the game for many years will have the knowledge to help you with all of your needs. Whether this is your first hot tub purchase, or you need a new hot tub cover, or you need seasonal accessories, a business that has stood the test of time will know their products well and will be your best resource to help you make purchase decisions.

Finding the best hot tub store for you can take visiting a few hot tub and spa stores and shopping around. Connect with us here at Niagara Hot Tubs, we’d love to show you what we can offer you as a hot tub store near you!



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