Spa Marvel Cleanser & Pipe Cleaner

Spa Marvel Cleanser & Pipe Cleaner


Spa Marvel Cleanser is a fast-acting proprietary hot tub plumbing cleaner that penetrates deep inside of your spa’s plumbing and equipment, removing biofilm, organic, mineral, and chemical contaminants thereby prolonging the life of your spa and hot tub equipment. In brand new spas, Spa Marvel Cleanser removes residues leftover from the manufacturing process including waxes, oils, and resins. It is the perfect spa & hot tub pipe cleaner to use before using Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner.

If you do not use the Spa Marvel Cleanser the natural descalers contained in the Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner will clean out residue from the manufacturing process and accumulation from past use. This may cause water quality issues. For more information visit


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