Truckload Delivery Coming Soon!

Truckload Delivery Coming Soon!

We’re excited to have a truckload of brand new Cals Spas arriving at our showroom and ready for delivery to your home very soon!  Here are the models that will be arriving:


EC-739B Tropical

The Tropical will offer six-person occupancy with 39 exclusive Velocity Jets™ and a big foot well to allow the opportunity for low-impact moves, which promote a healthy heart.

EC-740L Costa

This model has a large lounger and the entire tub is equipped with 40 exclusive Velocity Jets™. The interior is large enough to fit 6 adults with comfort.

EC-751B Tropical

Enjoy a total jet experience in this tub, complete with hydrotherapy and massage features that will please all of your guests. Check the X Series for an elevated model with signature upgrades.

EC-767L Costa

Immerse yourself in a 7ft spa that is loaded with exclusive features to give you the best hydrotherapy experience possible. Also available in the Escape X Series.

EC-867LX Avalon

Experience this ultra-modern, premium hydrotherapy solution with exciting features for all. Customize your spa preferences for an impactful body massage, in a sleek, high-tech design.  

MODELS SOLD: EC-751L Pacifica | EC-767B Baja | EC-867B Cancun


Stock is limited so if you are interested, please call us on 905-684-0770 or email for more information.


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